Monday, April 12, 2010

Am I nuts ?

you would think I`m out in the middle of no where
but Jasper Ave and downtown Edmonton (the seedy part)
are just up the hill

I love the cold crappy weather ! The cold wind blowing from every angle made a great ride even better tonight as I took "Her Royal Sexiness" a.k.a .......the Moots out for a much needed after work ride . I parked at my favourite spot and took off on a quest to find good dry trails ......And found some I did ! The northside of the river is really dry (except the occasional mud patch) . I rode up to the Capilano (or is it Gretzky) bridge , crossed the river and came back on the southside through Ewok forest ......Oh how I love that place !

I realized how pathetic I am when it comes to mountain bikes when I saw a guy riding an Ellsworth Epiphany and I realized how excited I got because I actually saw one ! Those things are rare in these parts kids ! So yes tonight kicked some serious ass , and let me tell you . That Moots is one hell of a fine bicycle , good Lord that thing is nice to ride ....and the weather was awesome too .

an exit from some illegal trail activity
(ssssh , don`t tell no one)

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