Thursday, April 29, 2010

Riding . Mill Creek - Capilano Park

when it`s wet , the doubletrack is your best bet for good riding
only douchebags and pedophiles ride and wreck the good trails

Took the Moots out for a fine after work excursion on a wet and windy night in the lovely river valley . Luckily for me the rain had stopped and all I had to deal with was wet trails , and knowing better then to ride the sexy singletrack I kept to my self proclaimed "wet weather routes" meaning paved and gravel doubletrack would be all I`d roll on . In the end , a freakin amazing ride that started out rather shitty..........Maybe it`s that Moots .....I`m starting to think that bikes magical .

in the background "my bridge" that the fine instution known as
the Edmonton Police Service has lets it`s lowly recruits run across .
who do they think they are ?............ I mean really ?

Beer Friday. Born Colorado, Opposite Day Amber Lager

 Hey kids. If you like coming here for the ride reviews and such we hate to inform you that after today's post there will be about three...