Sunday, May 9, 2010

Out with the new and in with the newer

It`s been bugging me since I bought the Oregon back in Christmas . "I think I bought the wrong one" was something that went through my mind every time I stuck it in my jersey pocket on the start of each ride . The Oregon was never a cycling specific gps .

So I went and got the Garmin Edge 500 earlier on the weekend and have one ride under it`s belt so far , and am so far happy . If you are inquisitive you would have noticed it on my bike on Saturdays ride post . The best part about it is no wires ! The size is still a bit larger than a regular computer but I am fine with it on my stem . I was quite impressed with how fast it picked up satellites even in my den . Hopefully this lasts a long time . Anybody want to buy an Oregon ?

Quarry Me With Drop Bars Baby

The second ride on the Polish wonder bike and I am not crippled. *high fives self.  It was an exploratory type of ride today as a new bridge...