Saturday, May 15, 2010

A trail so nice , I rode it twice

I pulled double duty in Fort Saskatchewan today and rode the awesome trails twice and am now sitting in my chair still giddy about how great of a day it was . These are the kind of rides you sit and dream about in the middle of January when it`s -34 and dark out by 4 p.m .

Everything on the ride was awesome , I can use that word cause that`s exactly what it was ........Awesome ! I know that word gets used too much but I find it fits perfectly to describe today`s awesomely awesome ride . Everything flowed today just perfect , not once but twice . The bike worked perfect , and I had a rare moment of riding like a champ (not a chump) and cleaned every section four times . There was only one incident where my rear tire burped coming around a tight corner and had to stop to inflate ......Which I blame myself for cause I never checked the pressure before I left (maybe I`m still a chump) .

Now that it is all over I can only sit and daydream of how it felt out there today , aside from the great riding , there was mother nature in all it`s glory with tons of small critters to be seen and heard . The smell of the trees is something else that got me today . On some of the photo shoots when setting up the camera I couldn`t help but stop and take in where I was .

If you read this and don`t ride a bike , I am urging you to go out and get one and head out into the bush . As I stated before on here "this riding shit changes people". I`m not the only one who preaches this about mountain biking . Pretty much every real mountain biker will say the same thing.

a photo , after the tire burp

this must be what Heaven looks like

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