Saturday, June 26, 2010

Muddy trails and work blues

definitely the wrong bike for today`s trails
 In an attempt to go on a long ride as I know the next one will be a while , I was met with very wet trails and no legs .......Which I blame myself for as all this work stuff has been playing with my head . I should just suck it up and accept it , as the opposite of this is being unemployed and being worried to death about money ......Now that would be supergay !

As I said it was very wet , even the paved trails were still wet , I had no idea it rained that much ! So I took the "wet weather routes" and wasted 5" of suspension on flat unrooty , unrocky trails . Maybe it`s time to look at a road bike again . I really don`t know how much I would ride it , especially if I have a year like this year !
this house looks super expensive already !

Happy Tuesday