Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rest in peace.......Two Ten riding

do you like the tombstone ? I made it myself ! It took me most of the night but I got er done....
Looks like my troubled year of riding has hit another stumbling block . This time the stumbling block is a thing called work * . As of next Monday I will be starting 12 hour shifts 5 days a week therefore killing any remote chance of after work riding and turning me into a weekend warrior chump ! No offense to the weekend warriors who may read this , but it came as a shock to my body when hearing the news . My kids baseball season ended tonight and I had planned to start getting some rides in next week as the schedule will open up dramatically ..........oh the irony !

oh yeah ! That would look great on the dodge !
Maybe I will end up selling a bike or two as I slowly turn into one of those guys who works too much , drives an over sized expensive pick up with steer testicles , and a picture of "Calvin" peeing on the car brand that I hate .......This is gonna be a rough year !

*work disclaimer . no disclaimer here ! I`m pissed !

Happy Monday