Saturday, June 19, 2010

Riding . Fort Saskatchewan

Oh glorious bikes, on glorious trails, on glorious days

The second ride of the day consisted of much more (than the usual) picture taking as I am getting ready for trail reviews which will be linked up to this sight . I am kinda getting excited about doing them and I hope they don`t suck too bad .

A great ride on the Mojo made me appreciate that bike with great joy tonight as I realized how much control all that suspension gives me . Railing around tight bumpy corners was a blast as that bike made it feel like I was on rails .......Good God I love that stuff ......

Coming back to Turner park I came across a small (very small) fire on the side of the trail who I blame on some kids .....or a real strange electrical disturbance in the trees . I put most of it out with my camleback but ran out of water and had no other means of soaking it out , so feeling kinda silly I called the Fire Department . When they got there they sure were appreciative of the call so I guess it wasn`t a bad idea . I would have hated myself if it flared up overnight and burned a section of those trails out .

after running out of water , guessing I should call someone

Fort Saskatchewan`s finest

back to the hall to play ping pong .........lucky bastards !

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