Thursday, June 17, 2010

So that`s what riding a bike feels like.....

me and my favorite bike were home again and it felt good

After a hellish time spent with my good friend "Mr Allergy" (he`s actually a real asshole) I took the Moots out for a much needed after work run which almost didn`t happen cause work can really blow sometimes .

Surrounded by white fluff which I learned are seeds from paranoid trees who think they are dying , I struggled through 22 kilometers of good after work ridery ? Is that even a word ? I ended up in Kinsmen park where good singletrack took me back to the car back at my Mill Creek parking spot .

I`m home now and safe from the white fluff .........Wow I`m beginning to sound like a giant pussy! With a big ride planned for Saturday maybe I should man up ! Time to get some steer testicles for the Honda !

oh evil white fluff ........I do not fear you !

Tomorrow . England vs Algeria . The boys should bounce back from a disappointing tie against the U.S . I`m not predicting the score though cause that was bad luck last time .

this guy will score though ..........Guaranteed !

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