Monday, July 26, 2010

A late Monday afternoon ride in Fort Saskatchewan

Hardcore bikes representing
 After a day of trying to monkey around in the yard I`d finally had enough and threw the bike on the car for some boredom relief . Like the Syncros t-shirt I had years ago that said " Boredom is counterrevolutionary RIDE BIKE NOW !" with a picture of Sun Yat Sen (I believe) riding a bike on the front . Why don`t they make good bike shirts like that anymore ?
this section of trail wants to go swimming
 On the ride I came across sections of the trail that are starting to slide towards the river . I don`t remember that on Thursday when I was there last . With all the rain we had  it doesn`t surprise me that this is happening . Needless to say , it sucks ! But when you ride on riverside trails you have to expect change over the years . The spot where this is happening was under water a few years back .
I bet they wished they were riding .....
a potty break on the push home

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