Monday, July 12, 2010

Riding . Mill Creek- Capilano

when wet , the valley is dead quiet......nice !

 The theme of tonight`s ride was water . I have not seen so much water come down since this wet ride back in May . Coming back home through Mill Creek it was raining sheets . Needless to say , the good stuff was unrideable .

It was wet out there  , "how wet" you ask ?

>coming home I could feel water sloshing in my shoes with each pedal stroke<

>I wrung out my underwear when I got home<.........I`m sorry

>I think I spotted the Edmonton Queen on one of the trails in Forest Heights<

Well maybe that last one was an exaggeration , it sure felt good to be out on a Monday after work ride , so in the end I was happy . Sadly my stuff is way to soaked to pack up for tomorrow night (which I had planned) .

a dry spot , below Gretzky bridge
"the chump" thinking he should have just stayed home and watched "happy days"

Happy Monday