Thursday, July 15, 2010

Riding . Mill Creek - Uof A

"well lookey here ! It`s an Ibis Mudjo ........Ha !

On a night that didn`t look to promising with thundershowers passing through as I loaded up my bike after work, it turned out to be a classic .
slippery roots can sometimes=lost work time ......I praise you slippery roots !
With wet pavement greeting me at the Mill Creek entrance , I was thinking this was going to be a double track and paved ride (aka wet weather route). When I decided to hit the singletrack it turned out to be nice and tacky , sometimes super tacky like Ed Hardy clothing , there were times when I had to get off and walk cause it turned out to be just too soupy .In the end the only damage was to the bike and not the trails , which helped me feel better about myself .

This was one of the best after work rides in a while (I curse you 12hr days) . The way the sun was hitting the trees on the way back to the car was absolutely brilliant !

Happy Monday