Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Riding . Mill Creek - Gretzky bridge

spot the bike ? O.K , that was easy dumbass !
While I patiently await for a new bottom bracket for the Moots . I took the Mojo for an after work spin on some very familiar trails . On the North side of the river through the Dawson Park trail system cross the river via the famed "#99" road ......who`s that ? Through a slightly different version (for myself) of Ewok forest and then home (that`s Mill Creek ya know) .

Lowlights of tonight .

> Is the bottom bracket on the Mojo toast now also ! Oh Shimano XT , How could you fail me !

> Lot`s of dog shit on the trail ........Seriously people ! Come on now ! Clean up after your dogs !

Highlights of tonight .

> Getting to go mountain biking after work ( I know , that`s obvious)

> A couple kids were commenting on how much of a piece of shit my bike sounded like when I coasted by . The sound of the Industry 9 hub was nice and noisy tonight ......that kind of stuff makes me grin from ear to ear !
Hooray !.........Hooray for other peoples doggies !!!

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