Sunday, August 1, 2010

Riding . Strathcona Science Park - Ewok - Ewok - Millcreek

Damien and Cole tearing up the singletrack
 Did a repeat of backwards day from last year and met up with my good friend Brian and his two sons . Thus most of the pictures are of the kids , and Lordy what little rippers they are ! I took Damien who is 11 (I hope so) on some of the tougher singletrack sections in the Forest Heights area and he cleaned them . I guess when you get to live in Colorado for a year you pick up on some good things !
check out the concentration

On my ride I rode through Ewok , and met up with them at Rafters landing only to turn around and hit Ewok again ........and again for a third time with Damien . If this kid keeps it up it will probably be embarrassing to ride with him when he is 16 as he will drop me like a bad habit
see that smile ? burn your Nintendos kids !
Damien show us how it`s done
sadly , the Ewoks got his head ......those bastards !
maybe these kids should just stick with Nintendo

 After seeing them off in Mill Creek , I headed back on the North side of the river where everything flowed perfectly and made it back to the car alot faster then I anticipated . The hardtail was performing like a champ inciting me to give it the ride it deserved , will I ever feel like I rode that bike past it`s limits ? What`s that ? I hear laughing ! Ya I know ! I guess I was a little worried about getting beat by some kid in the future .......

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