Tuesday, November 2, 2010

An after work ride finally !

 After what seemed like an eternity I finally got out on an after work ride in the now late fall riding season . Why have I been a putz ? Trying to get rid of cars , that`s how . Buying something new left me with a whopping four vehicles , and brothers and sisters when you have more cars then you have bikes it`s time to act .......act quickly ! So I did , and lost lot`s of good trail time all thanks to those gas sucking , wallet emptying , ride killing, vehicles ..... I hate cars ! ( I really like the Jeep though , does that make me a hypocrite ?)

those son-of-a bitch tree killing bastards !!!
So from my beloved entrance in Mill Creek I rode through Ewok forest and listened to the heavy wind make the trees talk . crossed the bridge and came back via Dawson park and rode into the dark for sadly the first time this year . I was quickly reminded on how the sounds of the forest are alot more haunting in the night .

lights , testing , testing ....1,2.......3

Beer Friday. Born Colorado, Opposite Day Amber Lager

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