Saturday, November 13, 2010

Coffee Saturday Fazenda Vista .......oh to hell with it . Second Cup !

Another kick at the coffee review cat . After receiving some very very angry letters from the last coffee review attempt on here I thought I would try it again . Seeing as how I can`t even spell out the name in the title , something is telling me that this one may suck even harder then the last coffee review attempt .

Fazenda Vista Alegre hails from Brazil , they let these beans mature on the branches instead of being picked at ripeness like most coffees . That is what gives it an assertive taste (so they claim) You can pick up this coffee at any second cup , or why not go there and have one yourself ! Take along a laptop while your at it , you will most certainly look cool ! I would be doing that right now but I am lacking a lap top . And coolness .

The taste of this coffee is good . Not as good as other second cup coffees that I`ve tried (mmmm Paridiso) This is a full bodied coffee that can easily be enjoyed on a Saturday morning , but what can not be enjoyed on a Saturday morning ? The flavor is somewhat smoky and reminds me of morning campfires in the mountains .

This coffee gets 3.5 beans out of 5

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