Sunday, July 3, 2011

Riding. Mill Creek-Capilano

half the trail is now in the river 
 After working another Saturday I woke up feeling like a big bag of ass and almost kicked off the strange idea to go for a ride. I planned on riding today as it was all I could think about as I rambled around a dungy shop trying to figure out just why I was there on one of the nicest days of the year.

I sucked it up and loaded the bike anyways anticipating a return trip home with my tail between my legs after getting half way through Mill Creek. Within five minutes of riding my legs were screaming and everything else was wanting to give up. Then a funny thing happened, I started to feel great. Being surrounded by trees, being on some good singletrack, and being on one hell of a fine bicycle quickly changed the way I felt. Mountain biking has a funny way of doing that.

I got to see all the trail damage that was caused by the river misbehaving. Anything low to the river will need work as there is significant damage to some sections. With tomorrow off I may head to Fort Saskatchewan to see how bad things are there. I`m guessing things are ugly...

Capilano boat launch
trail damage from flooding

Happy Tuesday