Thursday, October 20, 2011

Splendid. Simply Splendid

a potty break in the fabulous ewok
 It is very rare for me to have company on an after work ride. I cannot remember the last time it's happened, I know the Stumpjumper was my main ride at the time and George Bush was in his first term.

I met Jason and the weather and trail conditions were simply spectacular. This truly is the best time of year to ride a mountain bike and tonight proved it. It was a quiet river valley, a cool river valley, it was an awesome river valley! A definite "stellar ride" so to speak...
a soon to be neglected gary fisher, bring on the giant, giant

From Mill Creek, through mid Ewok and a high speed run beside river side golf course and across the river via Wayne Gretzky bridge with all the people venturing to Rexall place to watch an Oilers game. I  shook my head and was thankful  I was on a bike. Nothing against the Oilers but you know...

if only we could just hold on to this season a little longer

The Beaumont No Car Bike Ride Club

With the Jeeperz out  of commission as it is currently going through some needed service to help it negotiate yet another Winter I thought I...