Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Night Lights

 it still has new bike smell! 
 First off. An apology if you came here looking for a beer review.  It was a pretty damn cold night in the river valley and I was quite unprepared (keep reading) thus, since I've returned home I've had a hot 45 minute shower and am still chilled. Therefore I don't feel like reviewing cold beer. Although I am tipping back a few right now...
more new bike beauty
 New bikes, much like new high school relationships are pretty damn sweet!

Getting to meet up with Jason and his new Giant Anthem X29 (oh ya, them's big wheels) and witnessing that new bike love first hand took me back to every new bike I owned. That period lasts for a good two to three months for me.

His eleventh ride on the new "ride" which started in the cool daylight which disappeared and gave way to the mysterious black valley. A valley that has a new set of visitors once the sun goes down. Critters and humans alike...

some blurry night time new bike love
The ride from Mill Creek to Capilano ended up kicking my ass. If you haven't ridden with Jason you should know one thing. The dudes got power! Combined with a new dual suspension twenty nine inch wheeled bike. I was struggling to say the least! I know I could make up all sorts of excuses like "I worked in a shop all day" or "I had a shitty year of non riding..." Phttt! Like my favorite line from Platoon, when Sargent O'Neil said "excuses are like assholes, everybody got one." How true.

It was a great ride despite my shortcomings, the trails are in prime condition which is always pretty special this late in the year. A roll through Rowland trail in the dark with coyotes singing gave me trail orgasms that could rival parts of Jasper will be something to remember. Sadly the cold got to me and my unprepared self as I went out with no booties or warm socks of any kind, and my feet started to freeze forcing me to do the awkward thing and ask if we could pull over so I could "rub myself."

After the rubdown it was a quick return home ...

Les Stroud would have been so disappointed in me...
a double bike shot potty break photo

Happy Monday