Sunday, November 13, 2011

Is this the Moots Last Hoorah?

oh pretty little creek

My first snow ride is finally official. Well not a heck of alot of snow is on the ground to warrant a "real" winter ride but it still had it's slippery spots. Watching a guy fall on his ass while walking his dog as I took my bike out of the Jeep made me chuckle.... He was fine, I asked him if he was o.k, stop judging me! It did make me worry about the conditions though.

The ride was a rather short one. Mill Creek to Dawson bridge and rather then staying in the valley I climbed out on Rowland road and rode through the rough seedy underbelly of downtown, and made a quick exit back into the valley.

Will I be putting on the studded tires on the Winter warrior tomorrow? That may be my night, getting that bike set up for Winter. Last year was the first season I rode on studded tires and I know I will never go back...

after sliding out while climbing, a picture...
commonwealth on your right, half full for a playoff game and you could hear them in mill creek

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