Saturday, November 19, 2011

Rolling Through the Frozen Valley

days like this call for the lobster gloves 
made it to my planned destination, will the trip be good back? 
 Getting out on days like this is always met with lots of satisfaction afterwards. Of course with that satisfaction comes chills that take over an hour and a half to get rid of once your home even after a hot meal and an extremely hot shower.

A ride in the cold from Mill Creek to Kinsman on my poor Stumpjumper.... It was once my proud main ride which has now been relegated to the "shit show" bike. O how sad! Everybody take a moment and think about the poor Stumpjumper now...

The equipment seemed to hold up quite well, my newer Exustar Winter shoes I bought last year did their job until the end of the ride after an hour and a half of riding when my feet started to feel numb, all I had on was wool socks and the temps were dipping to -20˚.   The lobster gloves were summoned four kilometers in and by the time I reached the LRT bridge my hands were two steaming cooked lobsters and I switched back to my main Winter gloves (Axiom) for the return home which did their job admirably.
a river valley bathroom, an essential spot to stop and warm up, and try not to get raped...
oh who am I kidding, nobody's gonna rape that! 

Happy Tuesday