Monday, February 20, 2012

On My Birthday. Hill Repeats

a pause before the final climb
The order of the day today. Climb that hill, turn around at the top, descend, turn around at the bottom, climb, and repeat...

 What better way to try to get back into some sort of shape than parking at Forest Heights park and descending and climbing over and over (well I think I only did it eight times) but I truly am in terrible shape. I think forced rides doing the same thing for the month of March are in order. I must resist the temptation to explore the valley and the temptation of rolling out of the valley and riding around downtown (a common spring habit of mine)

The valley was incredible today and it brought everybody out from their caves. With spring right around the corner I can't help but wonder if I will be in shape for the two-twelve riding season, hopefully some after work rides will start up this week and my bike won't sit in the back of my vehicle giving me looks as I come back late from work and head straight home. 

It's my birthday. I think I should get my priorities in order...

Happy Monday