Thursday, March 29, 2012

Riding. Mill Creek-Dawson-Kinsmen

On an unbelievably fine day, an after work ride I presume? Why yes, what a great idea! Even being dead tired and sluggish? Why not!

The best cure of feeling like "shite" is riding. There really is no better cure. Those kids I saw smoking "whatever" it was looking at me inconspicuously had no idea how much better I have it. A quick tour through the seedy parts of town can give a guy or gal a real eye opener.

Other than a trip through town I took my bike off the paved in the valley for only a short distance. The grinding mud and sand that enveloped my brand new drivetrain mad me cringe like Madonna in church and I quickly exited the multi use and got back to the hard top. Lesson learned... The way things are right now I'm hoping to be on some singletrack by next weekend. Here's hoping....

ewok below, soon my pretties... soon...

Happy Tuesday