Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Waking Up

The title of this one seems very fitting after being not able to ride all thanks to work bullshit. A mad rush order that never really came to be and a Saturday evening and Sunday that was spent with the ugh... Family! So getting out I was a little bit rusted also knowing full well that the good stuff would be "crap" after a full day of rain yesterday. I ended up downtown and was sad not to see any interesting people that I could write about on this here blog. I stayed in the seedy parts and even ended up at the downtown Greyhound bus terminal..... Not one crazy person! I was upset and sat down in the middle of the street looking forlorn mumbling to myself on the absolute bummer of not seeing anyone even a little bit crazy. 

After that I descended back into my valley and made the journey back to the Jeep, and came across another lady who was petrified about having her little dog in the big valley surrounded by mean bikers and runners, each one of them with full intent of inflicting harm on her puppy.

If your paranoid about your animals, simply don't bring them into the river valley...

a very much needed potty break (don't pee on the trails kids!)
wrapping up another folk fest...

Happy Monday