Friday, May 3, 2013

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You

No beer review tonight, and no bike rides maybe for the entire weekend (yet again). I know you will now be on the edge of your seats waiting to see if... maybe...just... maybe, something might give. A bike ride may erupt, or a beer review may blossom. I however have my doubts. This weekend is the last interrupted weekend till next weekend when work meetings will sadly interrupt me again.

To make up for all the lost time a new bike is coming. Next week you will see a post featuring lots and lots and lots of photos. It is custom to have a big photo shoot with every new ride. Till then, a video and a good reason to go back to Rocky Mountain. It's simple. They seem to get it, and this video only shows why. I think this is the third time this video has made it on here, all for good reason.

Rocky Mountain Altitude RSL from Rocky Mountain Bicycles on Vimeo.

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