Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Last Day of Winter Ride

 After work bike rides are great. Do I have to really explain why? A day where allergies or flu cling-ons almost kept me at home for the evening where I would have spent it with... ugh. The family. I sucked it up and rode. The ride was definitely not great but being out in the valley was, as always. Awesome.

It was short and sweet as some sort of virus seems to be mutating itself still. The melting snow in Mill Creek was something that tried taking control of my bike as I came across sections of snow on the paved paths. At times it felt like two hands reached up and grabbed my front wheel and threw it to the side to throw me off my bike to steal my hidden Power Bar (melting snow loves Power Bars, did you not know that?)

With this, the last day of Winter. I can only solemnly remember the Winter season that was. As I rode I teared up thinking of all the frozen Power Bars that would tear apart my teeth while sitting in a river valley bathroom as a couple drunks look on and try to urinate on my shoes. Ahhh, Winter memories for another season.

With Spring starting tomorrow and the temperature dropping. I may have a chance to relive a few more of those special memories...

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