Friday, June 20, 2014

Another Beer Friday Fail Now Equals Some Riding Videos

Ya, I did it again, another beer Friday flub. It was sure nice to leave the house to go to the umm... err... liquor store after being tied down to the bed and couch with high fevers all week (thank you God the World Cup is on!) I bought a repeat yet again. It's time to head into the city and pick beers from craft brewing empire liquor stores I think, or at least Google search it on my phone while in the depths of the cooler. I was thinking this shivering inside the beer cooler here in Beaumont all stupid and diagnosed with pneumonia three day's earlier. Yep, maybe this is why I heal so slow. On the bright side the fever broke today! (which brought on the stupidity)

This to me is absolute torture, being forced at home with some dumb sickness. Hence I watch bike riding videos on the inter webs in between World Cup Games (We are not going to discuss England here, Seahawks got their rings yesterday so I'm cool... Really.)

Why not throw up a couple of favourites from the day here, a classic from a while ago now. Remember the "Collective Series" from a few years back. Incredible mountain bike film making. A short snippet of Seasons, and if you haven't seen any of these.. Shame on you. I mean it! Let yourself be shamed! There is only one way to redemption from this, and you know what to do...


The second is footage of New Zealand from JustMTB. This is the one that made me cry...

Happy Tuesday