Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ride Two, Day Six

Well... I had lots written down regarding this ride but my gay computer lost all the content before I hit the 'publish' button.

The second ride of the day, this time in Fort Saskatchewan featured the following;

*Lots of run ins with other riders.

*A run in with some very loud fourteen year old girls.

*An almost accomplished climb out of the final hill going into the tennis court parking lot.

*Unicorns with laser beam antennas.

I had lots written, I was quite happy with some of the content as everything came out of my little brain quite well when I thought I would have writers block tonight.

I am quite pissed.

The second ride was terrific.

Sorry about this bullshit. It was a good one I must say.

speaking of bullshit, thanks to this bullshit....
...we are going to get this bullshit on the trails, thank you fort saskatchewan, put more paved bullshit in please
fuuuuuck that... 

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