Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Go Trail Love

Well it appears I'm a liar. I told you to expect nothing till Friday and I go ahead and do this. A selfish ride after some new job orientation where I realized I had more than enough time and gusto for a short ride down one of my favourite trails.

So from Acheson to Cameron Heights it was a memorable trip down memory lane from the mod yard days. A kick off on downhill paved with a roll up to Staff College. Frustration was had as I wanted to roll around the back but the fat bike tracks were not there and all it was was foot traffic. Oh the humanity! Right?

Eventually I found the famed Go Trail and looped around behind via the multi use and came back on the exposed side where I stopped my bike and took in the view and had a moment. I love me some river valley.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Happy Sunday

Will be most likely going radio silence on here for a few days except for a video or two posting. Working up north is officially done and am starting a new job tomorrow. The schedule is four days of training and then I'm off for five days and then some more training. So this weekend and on you can expect normal Lonebiker programming with me riding bikes and complaining about things.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Mill Creek Mixer

A quickie but rather delightful. With limited time I decided launching from the pool parking lot in Mill Creek and staying in the park interior was the best idea. Temptations where there to escape from Blue Man and see how things were on Dirty Mattress but it wasn't my old lady friend Victoria so I stayed.

The low trails were hit first after a visit to Earthshaker, a very fine trail that I look forward to riding in the summer. Up on top afterwards to one of my favourite legendary trails of all Edmonton time. The high side Mill Creek trails, I believe it's called the Trap.

The Trap? That's what it's called right? Gimme a minute, let me check. Yep! The Trap. Most legendary Edmonton trail ever? Hmmm... It's up there.

As far as conditions, things were good. Not as great as they were the last couple of days. The snow was still fine, the warm weather will wreak havoc sadly yet again.

A large number of people were in the area doing outdoor things which made me question becoming a serial killer for the third time in my life. Don't worry I always wash those serial killer thoughts down with a couple bottles of Big Bear Malt Liquor and a pack of Marlboro's.

This is why I love having a job where I'm off during the week, you don't get that weekend traffic which makes things pretty awesome. No people is a great thing. People are the worst. 

Except for you guys, Lonebiker readers are the best!

Friday, February 23, 2018

The Oliskew Mixer

A ride from up top of the hills in the houses on Saskatchewan Drive to Oliskew where the plan was to take the original outside trail that runs along the river to the new Terwillegar bridge, promptly pee off and return on the log trail Logarithmic? and Flat Pete.

I avoided the steep sketchy descents and rode down the paved to the horse centre trails in the hills where I continued making my way down. 'Oh shit! I forgot about the singletrack that takes you up! Doh!' I yelled out to nobody when I saw the trail snaking it's way up into the trees. Not a big loss. Will remember that next time.

Nothing to big to report on this one, I started out feeling shitty and that changed once on the Oliskew singletrack. That's the power of bikes kids. What was crazy is how fast you get to the other end of Flat Pete when heading west on the river trail. It gave me a pretty good idea on how much it creeps it's way through the forest.

The return back after watching some very depressed looking electricians do some work on the bridge I rode Logarithmic. Is that what it's called? Anyways, a thousand times better in the Winter. The log crossings are just hills now and not momentum killing dinosaurs. That being said please leave them alone. If someone who is reading this gets an idea to pussify that trail I will feel somewhat responsible.

The ride ended uneventful. Not an amazing one but still pretty decent.

This ride gets 3 snowflakes out of 5. HA HA HA HA!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

East Side Love

An area I haven't focused on in a little while or at least it feels that way. I parked at Capilano Park and went straight into the trees up above the parking lot to start a singletrack excursion that was promptly needed. I knew this was gonna be a good one when I woke up. I could feel it. Meanwhile I was being harassed by Mrs Lonebiker via text to take the dogs in for a haircut. I spit out my french pressed coffee all over my iPad at the very notion of abandoning a possibly great time on a bike to go do some normal person shit. "What do you want me to do after I drop off the dogs? Go hang out at Costco wearing a pair of sweat pants with all the other weirdos!?" I typed furiously.

Luckily my wife is cool and she understood. It was a good move on her behalf as I had an incredible time on the trails. I knew if I ditched the ride I would have known.

As good as the trails were I struggled as my lungs tried to recover from a cold that held on when I returned from the magical North. I attempted the first short power climb that Edmonton trails are famous for and quickly stalled out. The rest of them were walked up. Gold Digger was good aside from the deep climbs that meet you once your deep into it heading East.

The power climbs on that new trail... What's it called? PornHub? Playgirl? Swank? Barely 18? Ugh.... Why can I never remember that name!? Anyways, that is an amazing new trail. The power climbs did me in though and the mass of cross country skiers at the entrance between Gold Digger and the porn trail made me sit in the woods and wait for them to leave. A group of about fifteen. I mean really? Don't these people have jobs?

Cambodia was ridden, some new signs from Imperial Oil right on the trail near the shack that hisses said stay away. I stopped and observed. Some obvious work was being done but nothing on the trail that seemed precarious so I ventured on. Immediately I saw some Imperial Oil guys 'Damnit' I thought but you can tell they didn't give two shits that I was riding by on the other side of the fence that they were working. So all was good. But take heed if in the area. The wrong guy could be there and he could be a giant asshole.

I climbed up (well walked) the gravel path and rode to the land of the creepy old man who sits in his truck and stares out the window.. You know, the Science Park. I was upset as nobody rode out of the Pipedream/ Cambodia area (the whole area is Cambodia to me) in a while and it was nothing but footsteps which made the climb out a bit shitty. It was very do-able but the first real ride back since... I walked.

I rode the top and got to the road and parking lots where they were there. Old men alone in pick up's. One had a hatchback but they were all there unknowingly united in mystery. I decided to give my body a break and took the Paved trails on the north side back. Oddly enough they were more challenging from a control prospective as they were laced with ice.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

4.2 On 42?

The annual birthday ride went down today and in the spirit of tradition I knew there was no way I would hit 42 kilometers on my first ride back since being down and out with a touch of malaria (ok, little bit of an exaggeration there.)

The true plan was to hit 420 meters climbed...

Now that you are all done laughing the truth was forty two minutes. Forty two minutes... A very easy feat to get on a bike. In fact I was twelve minutes away when I took the bottom picture. Did I get there? Nope. Fact is I didn't care. Between the coughing and hacking on this ride from Kinseman to Groat Road and back up the valley next to Victoria road I was quite miserable.

It was terrible. It really was.

Yet, back in my den and feel better than I did when I left to ride today so I guess it was a victory. What is better is more rides will happen now that I broke the seal. Unless I get a relapse of malaria.

i meant to stop at the 4.2 mark and get a pic but i was obviously that disinterested. 

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Happy Sunday

Sorry kids for the extreme lack of content on here as of late. Here is hoping things will get better soon. We summoned a Buddhist healer from Nepal to straighten things out. The only issue is he is deep in the mountains and our interns were dispatched to find him, and between you and me. Our interns are pretty fucking stupid. So here is hoping Tuesday we can roll on fat tires again Buddhist healer or not...

Thursday, February 15, 2018

A Short Return

With possible job changes in the works and going on now for over a month now it was a short return back to the valley as I had an appointment in the early afternoon.  This ride almost didn't happen but I forced myself out the door knowing I would only be about an hour or so.

In the end, it was worth the effort. Mill Creek pool to the north side of the river where some sketchy singletrack was ridden in part to it being laced with footsteps. A lot of the trails ridden today (which really weren't that many) were in the same condition. No bike traffic and laced with walkers. I came back via Old Timers and Blue Man.

Nothing too great today. A ho-humm ride where I had no great vibes about being back at home. Could my mind be elsewhere? Only the bike God's know...

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Beer Friday. Bridge Brewing Company, The Grinch

What is it about the beer review photos and my absolute lack of giving a fuck in taking them? Could it be I've exhausted all my efforts in finding a good spot to take them in the vicinity of LB headquarters? Think that is the issue right there. How many beer reviews have been done here at the same location and only a small handful have been out to a remote location away from headquarters to get the bottle (can) shots.

Sometimes when out on a picture excursion I will take them with me and have no inspiration and come home. I'm weird like that. It's happened countless times. Pack the camera, some treats and off for a two hour drive searching for something and finding nothing. It happens at least once every set home. The few times it does happen and I get the photo inspiration there will be a photo dump on here. Could it be the comfort of the Jeep that makes me not want to get out? An odd thought as Jeeps are supposed to inspire exploring. Yet in the end, it's a douchebag car company so it's all about the owner being happy so he will buy another.

Bridge Brewing Company is from Vancouver. Perhaps the greatest city in Canada. They literally have it all. Mountains. An unbelievable nice city (although I've never been but some guy in Seattle told me it was nicer than Seattle.) Mountain biking galore! And some extremely affordable property.

This brewery opened in two thousand and twelve making it one that this blog is older. Not really sure how that is a good point but I was just excited to read that. Remember kids. Lonebiker. Circa 2009. Their Grinch beer is an obvious Christmas seasonal one. I missed the boat on reviewing this donated brew when I should have, I truly am sorry.

We poured and a red darkish one emanated from the bottle. A lightning flash of a head showed that was huge and I thought we would be doing some intern firing but soon. Poof! It was gone. Quite amazing. It smelled of darkened cherrywood (is cherrywood a thing?) and toffee. The first taste was that of a darkened hard coffee mixed with toffee. A bit of a bitter taste comes as you also get black liquorice and chocolate liquor to round it out.

This beer gets 3.5 suds out of 5

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Friday, February 9, 2018

Beer Friday. De Halve Maan, Brugse Zot

Back to another Friday beer posting, written on my first day off the bike after some pretty good rides. With lots of snow and blowing and blizzard like conditions I'm hoping tomorrows ride will be quite amazing. Although it will be hard to top yesterdays ride from Cameron Heights to Fort Edmonton. I should have ridden today but decided to clean up Lonebiker headquarters instead, aka the den, aka the beer testing headquarters.

Hence.. It was a very boring day.

 De Halve Maan brewery I'm assuming comes from France. Just give me a second, I'll look that up on  my Google Mac machine. Is that even a thing? Probably. Who cares. Wow! Belgium. I was way off.. Well only about a country off cause France is right next door. With the French being so close it makes sense as I'm sure there is a big influence in Belgium. What does Belgium have to offer the world? Chocolate? Don't most of the european countries do that? *keep in mind kids, I have no idea what I'm talking about so just move on to the rest of the review and for the love of God, don't get offended!

It poured a burnt orange with a powerful head that literally blew one of the new interns head clean off due to the magnitude of the awesome. Give us a minute so we can clean this mess up. Ok, we are back. It was an impressive pour and now a nice touch of lacing sits on the top and sides from the head that was there. The beer head is what I'm talking about. We already removed the body from the beer lab.

Sorry about that. It's just what happens in the high paced world of beer reviews. The first few sips were not overwhelmingly amazing by any means. It felt empty and watered down on the first taste. I can get a citrus taste from this one. Other notes are of old toffee kept in a windowsill over a few weeks in July. In the end not incredible but not terrible.

This beer gets 3 suds out of 5.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Take Me Back to 1992

Mr Steeves sent this, thank you Mr Steeves.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Friday, February 2, 2018

Beer Friday. Brewsters, Blue Monk Bourbon Barley Wine

Welcome to Beer Friday, the two-thousand and eighteen edition. Wait...? What's that? We did a few reviews in 2018 already? Well those were written in two- seventeen don't you know? As you can tell I have absolute zero to talk about in this intro. With a possible big change happening with work this is all that has plagued my mind. So when this is posted, I'm not sure where I will be now.

Brewsters has been around in the Edmonton area for a long time. I think their website says 1989. Now that's impressive. If you haven't been I recommend you go. It's a family restaurant with a pub that serves quite a few of their handcrafted beers. That combined with great food makes it a good place to target for a night out. I am pretty sure they are all over Alberta by now.

The pour was that of a strong murky looking liquid that had the look that it would slap it's own grandmother if she gave him attitude. A small amount of lacing didn't last only for a few spots that would not go away. A smell of strong alcohol and black cherries rose from the glass. At 11.5% we were well aware that this one may kick our ass. The interns had to coax me out of the corner. I was a mess. The first sip was what we expected. A strong slap to the face, the high alcohol content was more than evident. Let it be known. This is not a drink for the average chump. Although the alcohol is present it is masked by flavours of malty bread and dark toffee. Overall the flavour is quite nice.

This beer gets 4 suds out of 5

Thursday, February 1, 2018