Sunday, July 11, 2010

Canada cup pictures

view of the pits

expert men , these guys are fast !

one of the many starts in the day

expert women`s start

off the singletrack , on to a gravel road

Mark , owner of Hardcore bikes . Yes I envy him !

this guy`s intense

Gord , one of the stars of the mtbr clan

this was a nasty corner
blurred photos , the sign of a poor sports photographer

I spent some time in the morning taking pictures of the Canada cup race that started coming to Edmonton last year . A rather big deal if your into that sort of thing . Unfortunately I had to leave quite early leaving me with not too many good pictures to pick from . The Elite races start soon , will I go back ? I hear Ft Saskatchewan screaming out my name ........All I would do is stalk Emily Batty anyway !


Well damnit kids in the morning I wanted to ride quite badly but could not due to last minute days off ending bullshit and the ride was push...