Monday, September 20, 2010

All Mountain Monday

soggy bike , soggy city

Those voices in my head were telling me not to go riding tonight , not the same voices that tell me to go set fire to the bridges in the valley , no those voices are completely different .These voices were telling me to go home , relax , sit by the fire and sip hot cocoa . You see , I could have just gone home and relaxed and watched Monday night football but I didn`t give in to the temptation . I just had three shitty rides in a row ,  I had to stop the madness now !

And stop the madness I did ! I took the Mojo and all it`s unnecessary 5 inches of DW linked suspension on all the paved , and gravel trails it could handle ...........Oh yeah , I pushed that suspension to maybe a quarter of it`s limit on those pesky bridge entrances , and that bumpy paved trail from Dawson park to Gretzky bridge , me and that bike ate that shit up like it was breakfast ! Oh yeah , I was king tonight as we destroyed those tame trails !

what`s that ? two inches............. I`M ALL MOUNTAIN BABY !

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