Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bike Lust . Kona Jake

You smell that ? It`s cross season . And were deep in the thick of it . For this I give you the Kona Jake , a bike that always come first to mind when I think of getting off in the middle of a ride and hopping over obstacles and then hopping back on again (if you don`t know what cyclocross is just shut up , smile and keep reading you............ knitwits) I will admit , I am not a big Kona fan but whenever I think of getting a cyclocross bike the Jake would be a no brainer , like switching your toothpaste to Sensodyne once in your thirties . What is cyclocross you keep asking ? Google it ! Your on a computer arn`t you ? O.k , o.k , short and sweet for you . It`s a road bike with knobby tires , you will see lot`s of these guys on the trails this time of year as this is the season to ride one , and of course race one . There are lot`s of races this time of year as it is quite popular . I believe it started in Europe in the winter months to help the shavers train .

I don`t know what drew me to the Jake but it was quite some time ago . Value comes to mind ......And that`s huge when you want a good bike but you don`t want to pay alot for it as you know it won`t be ridden as much as the others .............Or so you think . Cross bikes are supposed to more fun than a night out at a Japanese karaoke bar . Someday , I will know what it`s like ...............Someday .....sigh .

You still here ?  What are you waiting for ? Go out and get one ! Around a thousand bucks , at your local Kona bike dealer , come on , go on ...........get one !
got Jake ?

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