Saturday, October 16, 2010

Oktoberfest Beer review time . Becks

When reading this review it is important that you play this loud .....

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Ahh , October ! Truly the second best month of the year . The weather is for the most part great , the riding is the best of the year , bar none . You cannot top Fall riding . I think most would agree with me on that one . Last and not least , Oktoberfest takes place . By now in Munich Oktoberfest is over , but in wonderful Beaumont it is taking place in a hall strangely overrun by old people ........who knew ! To celebrate we are reviewing Germany`s Becks beer for this special occasion .

this girl has serious talent people !
Becks Beer

From Bremen Germany we bring you becks . A brewery started in the late 1800`s . A popular beer that is easy to find in most stores in Canada . Becks had a good advantage being in a river port city making it easy to go worldwide and become a beer powerhouse (take note young entrepreneurs) Tonight is the first for me to try Becks making me quite excited . So excited I even decided to blog about it !

The pour gave me a nice two fingered head that dissolved slowly enough to add the pictures on this high class mountain biking site . Strangely enough I smelled something that I smell in the river valley all the time .......Pot ! Weird , where the hell is that coming from I asked myself ? The beer .......Noooo ! I took a close sniff and yep , that`s what it was . A quick google search and my suspicions were correct . Lot`s of people are saying the same thing . Just what the hell are they doing to this beer ? The first taste was a little skunky (just like the smell) but after a few more sips I started to enjoy it some more . Good but not great , a definite step up from some that I tried .

Becks get`s 2.5 suds out of 5

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