Saturday, November 13, 2010

Riding . Terwilliger , and some new trail cherry popping

the Moots got to mingle with other bikes today........oh how special !
 Yes it`s true . When you ride with people they tend to show you things that you may have not have known was there . Introducing "Breathless" . A new trail on the North side of the river that starts after the Anthony Henday bridge . I met up with Gord and Jason this afternoon in a not so visited Terwilliger park and had a great ride .
Jason hammering up one of the steeps
 The Breathless trail was a blast . Now that I`ve had time to think about it I want to go back .....Now ! It`s a shame my lights are not charged . Seriously , the trail was pretty darn good . From lot`s of short steep climbs , to sketchy switchbacks and some very rare Edmonton exposure (which I never got a picture of ....oops) . The trail abruptly ends and I was told that it is the spot they stopped working and they will continue next year . This will be a trail that I will lust over when I think of Terwilliger park . To think that they are still working on it makes me giddy .

my bike felt inadequate around the 29ers , I assured it there are pills for that sort of thing
Gord rolling through a switchback
 It was a rare site today to see three hardtail bikes , two being 29er wheeled in a rear suspension crazed world . Gord and Jason have succumbed to the 29" wheel religion . The curiosity of riding one for me has just spiked quite a bit .

the city is now supplying free trail snacks

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