Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Come on Spring.....SPRUNG!!!

a year ago
Before today`s ride I climbed into my time travel outfit and went back a year ago on this here blog. Ladies and Gents. I was shocked at what I saw! Relatively dry trails, and some dusting off of the glorious non winter bikes.

So I departed through Mill Creek and fought my way through slush, and ice. The kind of slush that takes your back wheel and throws it around like some irreverent 15 year old would treat the neighbours cat.

I did something I was proud of today and shook it off. Normally I would swear and get all pissy with the weather and the current trail conditions....But not today. I gritted my teeth and sucked it up. It`s time to act Canadian and ride my bike dammit! Through Kinsmen, and Victoria park I battled through the wet snow and ice like the Russians storming into Berlin.

Now that it`s all over. I sit here on my computer dreaming of dry trails that I could be riding now. A sip or two of beer does not help. A reassuring rub on the back from my lovely wife does little to appease me.

It was a hell of a good ride today. The melt started but I know we are a long way off from last year...

some mud popping through Louise Mckinney
a little ice, a little slush....
and plenty of this

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