Monday, March 14, 2011

Just trudging along

looking back on a hill full of fail
When you avoid the hill coming out of Mill Creek Ravine like a Lady Ga Ga concert you know your in bad shape. Today I moved lethargically through the valley on my first day off hoping to start getting in some sort of shape before the real season starts.

The highlights today? There wasn`t much. Talking to a homeless gentleman in one of the river valley bathrooms was cool. At least it seemed like he was, the ipod headphones were strange, and the expensive worn in hiking boots made me wonder. Maybe he was just a well travelled person with an old duffel bag for a rucksack. He had lots of questions about the bike, and had asked a few times if I was a professional (oh I get that all the time). In the end he offered me a can of beans for the bike. I declined...

what happens when too many people pee in the creek
this house is taking forever to build

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