Saturday, April 2, 2011

Beer Friday. Big Rock Grasshopper

just chillin with a brew...
From our neighbours to the south. Calgary, comes Big Rock brewing company. Wait a minute! did I just say Calgary? Ugh, I just get so angry when I think of those cowboys dancing around with their cutsie little cowboy hats, and their shiny belt buckles. Whats that? Only one Stanley cup? Brothers and sisters that's not even scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to hockey supremacy! Lets count how many Gretzky and the boys have racked up over the years. Why the mighty Oilers rule at every statistic vs the Flames in the National Hockey League! I`ll just open another page and look right now. Oh dear, whats this...Wow! We suck! Last place....Really? Ummm, I think I`ll just stick to the beer now.

Anyways, sorry about that. Sometimes I go on strange journeys. Yes Calgary is the home of Big Rock. It is also home to some killer riding with K-country and various other hotspots being a stones throw away from this great city. Now before I go on another tangent and start shoving my nose up Calgary`s ass just cause it has great riding, I will try to stick to the task at hand. 1984 was the year Big Rock was formed by a man named Ed Mcnally. A strike at Molson`s and Labatts dramatically helped Big Rock in 1986 and is now a big proud Alberta beer.

Grasshopper was made in 1994 when Ed was driving through our province and decided to make a wheat ale. Why not? Alberta has some of the best wheat in the world. I opened a bottle, sniffed, then poured it into my trusty mug. What did I find? A very nice looking ale, the colour of Albertan wheat was dominant in this ale, yes I had tears of pride running down my cheeks. The taste was good. There were no dominant flavours that stood out in this one. What else can I say? This is a good easy drinking beer that I would probably not write home to tell my wife about, but she say`s I`m bad at communicating.....

This beer gets 3 suds out of 5

Happy Monday