Thursday, May 19, 2011

Beer Friday. Hop Head, India Pale Ale

An extra special Thursday night edition of beer Friday coming at ya. What do I think I`m doing taking an extra day off on the eve of a long weekend you ask? Reviewing beer of course, and maybe a little bit of riding tomorrow while most of everybody else spends the day counting paper clips and tries to suck up to "the man".... Ooooh I hate that guy!

Tree brewing company has been on here before from lovely Kelowna, Briti... Did I review this one already? wait a few minutes as I check out if I did. Oh my God! I`m so embarrassed! While I check out the archives why don`t you listen to some fine music while I do some research...Oh thank heavens! I didn`t, lordy I would have looked silly! They have however been on three times already and their track record isn`t exactly the greatest. Hop Head had better come through this time!

I poured and it was fine. Step one is now over. The smell took me into some sort of bad Mel Gibson directed movie about himself saving the world, only there were talking donkeys with half cut off unicorn horns that emitted a strange odour that everybody in the movie kept referring to. Yes, it`s strange how smells can do that sometimes. In short. I wasn`t happy with the smell, if you are a craft beer lover you may feel differently. Yes I am one, but my tastes are a little off I guess. The taste was a little meager at first but after a few sips it got better, after two beers I wasn`t too happy. We call that beer bipolarism.

This beer gets 2 suds out of 5

Happy Tuesday