Thursday, May 12, 2011

Riding. Mill Creek- Capilano

On a rather windy night, thankfully the trees sheltered me from the madness that was "Alberta spring wind". Nothing new to me though, it`s like this every year. The benefits of riding on a night like this is less people on the trails. Those that know me, or follow this blog would know that dead trails are just simply spectacular. Starting my after work rides at ten to 5 sure helps...

the police have left after finding nothing
The heavy wind didn`t seem to take down alot of the trees yet, or so I thought. After crossing the river and heading through Kinnaird ravine the deadfall was everywhere. I stopped to take a picture of a fallen tree crossing the trail and listened to the wind smack the trees around. The sound of the trees fighting off the wind was cool. I had a good old classic hippy moment and bonded with the trees.

when it`s pretty much dry in lower forest heights along the river you know things are good

*this was written last night on a word program as blogger posting was down,
thus the small font.(I know you were worried)

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