Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday Un-Epic

After not riding all week, the anticipation for today's jaunt was very high. A little too high, with it I had hopes of a 50+km ride. It`s odd how things can domino and ruin a good ride, or what you thought would have been good. A late stressful start was first. Extreme busyness on the Mill Creek trails forced a stop that took almost 5 minutes carving deeper into the mojo and adding to the frustration. Finally after getting out of Mill Creek things seemed o.k and then my gps died. Not a big deal really! Not having a gps for a ride. Unfortunately that was the straw that broke the camels back and I started thinking of all the yard work I had to do... Stupid yard! I should have that thing paved and be done with it.

I threw the white flag at this one and rode across Dawson bridge to the famed "ewok," wussed out completely as my legs started to get shaky and rode down by the river where there was no threat of climbing. Once I got back to Mill Creek I had stopped the riding to send "texts" to my wife about what kind of fertilizer would go best with our "Kentucky Bluegrass".... Really! Text messaging while out on the trails? I swear, If a 5 year ago me heard about this I would build a time machine and come to the trails today and kick my own ass!

and so ended today`s great ride...

it`s a boat, with a sign that it is a boat to avoid confusion

Happy Tuesday