Sunday, May 22, 2011

A tale of two rides

 I had high hopes for today but sadly they fell a little short. I blame the weather... Yes, the weather. It was the weathers fault!

With the family taking off for the lake. I had access to 13 hours of guilt free riding (other then the guilt of not going to the lake). I had planned on taking all three working bikes on a ride. Ride one was really the only one worth posting, the third one didn`t even happen, and the second was a giant waste of gas in a trip to Fort Saskatchewan.


The first ride of the day took place in a spot I never start. Emily Murphy, on a bike I never really ride in good weather, The winter warrior, Stumpjumper. The weather was stupendous for my trip from Emily to Mckinnon via Whorelak. It`s a good sign of Summer once all the douchebags make their appearance in Edmonton`s busiest park. "How come those guys circling around in their loud cars with the loud stereos never have girls with them? " I always`s wonder. I guess the answer is simple, but we won`t go there will we? I crossed the bridge stopped for tea with Daryl Katz, and then rode through Mckinnon. Needing more I hit the Groat road roller coaster, hit the museum hill and rode the River Valley Road and was amazed at the sheer number of full back tattoos I saw on guys. I remember a day when it was cool and original to actually have tattoos, I think people who have no tattoos now are unique....weird!
groat road, is this the best short trail in edmonton?
Ride two was planned to start in Mill Creek on the Moots. The drive out it in a downpour made me just about turn around as I had no rain gear with me. When suddenly a shaft of light emitted from the direction of Fort Saskatchewan. Was this a sign to ride there? I quickly cut off a cab driver and hit the Henday and was off to my favourite little riding hole.

The ride started good. A little sore from earlier, but no big deal. Then a wipeout on a sharp climb, and soon my bike mojo withered away faster then Harold Campings predictions. At the 4 km mark I turned around, tail between my legs, head down, another collision with a tree that what seemed jeopardized my camelback. I had bonked...Why?

I got nowhere near to reaching my goal but it seemed to go along with the theme of the weekend. I planned on heading to Fort Saskatchewan tomorrow but heard there were sheets of rain there as this was typed. I`m guessing that shaft of light was just magical refinery cancer dust now...

my only pic from ft sask. my foot and a blurry bike

Happy Tuesday