Monday, June 6, 2011

Riding. Mill Creek-UofA

potty break part 2, is this going to be a thing? taking pictures of where
"I go" and then posting them on here? sadly, yes. don`t pee on the trails
boy`s and girls. that shit ain't cool!
 My first Monday night ride in a long time. I just about said "hell no" to going but luckily beat any sort of anxiety of riding aside and had one kickass after work ride. For some reason, I rode like a champ. Sprinting up some of the steeps in the big ring, and conquered the roots like Tyson would some poor chump in his hey day.

It`s all over now. As I get ready for another one tomorrow I could only hope that it will all "come together" again like it did for some strange reason today. A day that was fueled by Mcdonalds breakfast, and a warmed up greasy taco kit for lunch. Strange how that works...

lrt tracks below, reminding me of my ets adventure earlier in the year (riding`s much better)

Beer Friday. Born Colorado, Opposite Day Amber Lager

 Hey kids. If you like coming here for the ride reviews and such we hate to inform you that after today's post there will be about three...