Friday, July 29, 2011

Beer Friday. Cannery Brewing, Maple Stout

As fears of beer Friday not making a return this week were running rampant through the interwebs, I believe several Facebook pages were started calling for a return. So thus I lay my heart and soul on this one from beautiful Penticton, British Columbia. No. There were not any Facebook pages started calling for a return, I just wanted to feel special that's all. Can I start one? I can cancel this here review right now! Would you join? Come on....Would ya?

Anyway's. Enough of that shit. Cannery Brewing was started in the glorious year of 2000. The year of my first born, and one of those years the world was supposed to end (it gets frustrating, will they ever get it right? I want to know when to cash in on my pog collection). Like any small brewery, visitors are welcome for tours, and nothing completes a brewery tour like a trip to the gift shop. Sadly no hotel adorns this brewery but I'm sure if you sample enough during the tour you can pass out in one of the bathrooms.

Cannery brewing decided to get patriotic and introduce Maple Stout. Natural maple was introduced to this one to give it a more "Canadian feel." Just think of how Canadian you could be drinking one of these while watching some hockey, chopping down a tree, all while getting ready to head out for a night of curling. I have tears of pride running down my cheeks as I type this....

The pour showed us all a strong looking stout. Black, much like all the clouds rolling through this side of the world as of late. It stood strong, and menacing and showed off a very ravishing four fingered head that made me tremble a wee bit. The smell was of coffee and maple syrup mixed together. My brothers and sisters, it was truly magnificent! I was never more proud to be Canadian at that moment. The taste delivered what it was supposed to. It took me to an early morning pancake breakfast. An early morning pancake breakfast with beer that is. The taste was smooth and finely balanced. Truly a fine way to start a long weekend.

This beer gets 4 suds out of 5

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