Sunday, April 8, 2012

Strathcona Science Park

A quick trip to the Science park on a cold windy Easter morning before the family festivities ensue. The usual grumbling and murmuring which I kept under my breath as I complained of the rough shape I am in. If only I could only get into a regular routine of riding. Four rides in the past week were cancelled due to either work or other problematic things (family not included).

Tomorrow, a day off and a plan to possibly take one of the dream bikes out for it's first roll of the year which made me throw in the towel early on this one. I planned on doing nothing but hills today and rode up what I thought was enough, but according to my gps I just downloaded I only gained 558 feet today. That's weak sauce Kennifer.... weak sauce....

the first off road climb of the year, albeit a little late, still the first nonetheless
a wide open potty break (good thing nobody comes down here)

Happy Tuesday