Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Night

A meetup with Jason in Mill Creek for perhaps the best way to start the weekend. Yes, surprisingly better then hanging out in a strip club, taking shots and hitting on the waitresses. Singletrack, roots and lots of dirt are a Friday night must for anyone deprived from riding (yes, that would be me).

A ride that started in Mill Creek and took the southside route through mid Ewok to Capilano, across the river and back on the north side of the river. I was slow, lethargic and kept popping the button on my riding pants... Yes, that is happening now. Oh the shame! I was dropped routinely on all the multi use trails, and struggled hard to keep him in sight on the singletrack. Tonight was an eye opener on why I need to get out more. On the plus side, if I was by myself I would have tucked my tail and rode home way earlier and took the easy routes back then we rode tonight.

things you don't want to think of happening while night riding (mill creek)
a potty break/ mid ride tire check moment... in a word. epic

Happy Tuesday