Sunday, July 1, 2012

Riding. Old Fort Point - Wabasso Lake & Beyond

got mud?
 The first and hopefully not last trip to the Holiest of Holies on Canada's weekend finally went down. To join me on an epic voyage of mountain biking in the mountains (as it should be) Jason Kirkpatrick. Or should I say, I joined him, after all, we took his Jeep and he drove there and back and bought the Tim Hortons.

Yes, I was truly honoured...

The trails were fine from Old Fort Point to The Valley of The Five with the exception of some severe mud puddles. Once one was navigated it was only a matter of time till another appeared making me huff and sit on the side of the trail and pout like that of a little girl. I got over it and rode my bike trying to keep the pace with Jason, throwing out excuses on lack of riding attributing to my poor effort. Especially on the climbs. Those were my biggest downfall today as my poor legs screamed bloody murder with the effort I tried to exert. Jason on the other hand seemed to climb like a champ! Little did he know, I stayed back, suffered and seethed with extreme jealousy...
yes, we got mud
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The highlight of the ride for me other than riding to Wabasso for the first time in my life was the bear run- in's, yes that was plural cause there was two. The second, not really a run in other than a scare by a couple of proud Canadian Tim Horton hiking coffee drinkers, yes, Tim Hortons coffee in the middle of the forest! Oh Canada! I stand on guard for thee! A bear was spotted by them further down the trail we were travelling. We ploughed on being the brave mountain bikers we are and saw nothing.

The first run in was the closest I've been to a bear in the backcountry since my run in with Roseanne Barr in the summer of 98.

The trail to Wabasso on the return leg, there he was standing on all fours looking at us as we came around the corner. Did he care about us? Obviously not. I went for my camera and gave Jason the bear spray "just in case," sadly by the time I changed lenses he was mooning us. Yes, I'm pretty sure he knew what he was doing as all I got were ass shots! The best of all is down below...

 So, I sit now with sore legs and a somewhat hurt pride. The ride which covered just over 40k in the mountains was truly as the great ones would say "awesome," I've never made the journey to Wabasso before and found out that the ride from the lake to the the highway parking lot is an exercise in futility as all I needed was nourishment and Jason assured me hill after hill that we would be snacking soon. Soon  would not come soon enough. Albeit it did come and we gorged on Honey Stingers and beef jerkey and then sauntered on back to Old Fort Point.

my view of Jason climbing for the day, yes, way ahead of me...
can you spot the cougar? of course not, there's no cougar, or was there?
on the trail to wabasso

Happy Monday