Monday, May 20, 2013

May Long Monday Done Right

sadly the camera took the seriousness of the roots away, the bike ate them up like they were chocolate covered strawberries

A ride from the Edmonton Queen area to Hawerlak and then across the river was simply stupendous, I had my first run in with some clueless hikers where a girl tried telling me bikes should not be on these trails. I calmly told her "this is a mountain bike and this is what it is for." I smiled and left and was delighted to see a guy racing toward them knowing it could get ugly. I did warn him and wondered why I did.

The weather, the trails, and of course the new ride all seemed to flow in perfect harmony this morning. Inspired from the ride with Jason on Saturday I explored and found new trails before the Kinseman area. Tight and relatively unchallenging singletrack with the exception of some steep climbs were found and conquered, the only problem. A few trees were down forcing a portage over top of said tree. No you wouldn't be able to jump them as they were waist high.

why did they take this bench away? don't they know I love sitting here to creep on passing lady joggers? 
this area is in desperate need of a cleanup, I'll call in sick tomorrow

Elk Island Fail Fest

A complete ride failure as I didn't even bother taking the bike out of the car when I arrived in Elk Island. The switchover back to days...