Monday, July 22, 2019

Beer Friday. Moosehead, Prairie Honey Wheat Ale

Back again on a Beer Friday done properly on a Monday cause I can thats why!

Sorry to come off angry to start this. I mean I could have gone with all written caps to show just how fired up I am but I didn't. All caps guy is too much for a lot of people. Especially office email all caps guy. He (or she) nah.... Its more annoying if your a guy that does this.

 Is this the nicest day of the year? It sure feels like it kids. A fine day spent touring around with Lonebiker Jr one & two in a topless Jeep taking in the sites and sounds of Edmonton's amazing downtown and surrounding countryside. That's right. Even the usual Edmonton riff faff seemed to be in fine spirits as they pushed their heavily packed shopping carts down 109 st towards their tents in the river valley.

As far as the leg issue goes I am cleared to work. Some amazing news after six weeks of pure frustration. The plan is to go back, work my week and then start slowly riding. I would have been leaving tonight for Fort Macmurray but that job is coming to a close so it will be local work for a while which could not have been more perfect.

Moosehead brewing. Located in Saint John, New Brunswick started up shop in 1867 and is still privately owned. Quite the unreal story but they stayed around and fought the big breweries, prohibition, world wars...

The pour for this one was done in the enclosed Lonebiker beer review studios. The large crowd that showed up exploded into a violent cheer when Andre the head pourer showed up and the opening ceremonies started. It poured a huge three and a half (fat guy) fingered head and looked very drinkable on a very hot and sticky Canadian Monday night.

First sip was nothing but relief from the heat. So was the second and third. Once we started sipping for the review we found a nice and easy drinking honey wheat ale. Tastes of golden showers all over my mouth was nothing but... Hold On!

I'm talking about drinking beer people. Focus!

This one tastes of honey and well... Not a lot else to say here. The honey is nice, don't get me wrong but asides from the honey it's hard to detect notes of anything else. If you really want to know of anything else as I feel like you, the readers are holding a sharpened sickle to my head. I'll just give the bullshit answer every beer reviewer uses from time to time.

This one has bready malts.

There. Done.

This beer gets 2.5 suds out of 5.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Beer Friday. Fergie Brewing. The Real Peel Grapefruit IPA

Fernie Brewing again. Cause of last weeks disaster we are looking into this brewery's best interests and as everybody knows once they are featured on here the coming success is imminent.

Ride updates. We are still a ways away from anything that would resemble a ride. The pain is pretty much gone but there is still a sign of the nerve still being irritated. We have less than a week and a half until work comes with a doctors visit preceding that which will tell my fate.

A fellow in the neighbourhood has been riding an E-fat bike around the local roads and paved trails here lately since the weather improved. I see him riding warp speed on one of Beaumont's many hills and I have found it over the top entertaining. 'Is this my future?' A chilling thought as I drive by. It would be fitting after all the bad things I said about E-bikes in the past to have to buy one. Seeing the speed this guy goes has made me dub him 'Fast Fat Bastard' the hero this neighbourhood needs!

We poured with little incident, I say that cause it seems we fire some executives, beer pourer personnel or lowly interns most often during the pour. I would guess it's the high stakes pressure that everyone is under that makes these pours so dramatic. A very tasty looking grapefruit IPA looked sharp in the glass. It was golden and inviting. A one and a half fingered head sat on top and took a very long time to dissipate.

We tasted and a strong grapefruit explosion happened followed quickly by the distinctive IPA bitterness. A yeastlike breadlike flavour is found too. They use grapefruit peels in making this one and it comes through in the taste quite well. It's easy to say this is not for everybody but after a few sips it does grow on you.

This beer gets 3 suds out of 5.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Beer Friday. Fernie Brewing, Slow Drift Witbier

Welcome to Sunday's edition of Beer Friday which now comes complete with the exclusive Lonebiker injury log. A quick paragraph (or 5) on how things are progressing via the very pissed and mentally unstable nerve that is ruining Summer.

What's that your thinking? Oh... This non ending rain is making things very shitty for the healthy folk out riding and it sucks anyways. What I would give to just have one quick paved trail ride right now.

Yes. I had to be that annoying dick and go there... I get it. If I was riding now the weather would be quite disastrous to one who loves riding singletrack all day. I sadly see people posting on Facebooks mountain bike local page covered in mud trying to get likes while they are out wrecking the trails in order to get some acknowledgment on how hardcore they are. I think I am getting grumpier and grumpier as I spend more time at home doing nothing.

As far as rides on this end go... As per Doctor orders, missing another set off of work which would start Tuesday night, instead I will be in my den building plastic models with periodic breaks to get angry at people riding muddy trails. So with that news, no horizon on the bikes returning to this blog and for me, very sadly goodbye Fall trip plans.

Fernie Brewing has been on here quite a bit and I feel need no introduction. It's Fernie. It's fucking awesome you knuckleheads. Can we get on with the pour now?

Well fuckballs...

It appears we did this one in October of seventeen. Sorry, I swear we checked if this one was done at the store before purchasing.

Here is a link to the original, and I'd stick with this review >> Slow Drift Witbier. This is good stuff.

See you next week kids. Enjoy the riding and don't ride mu... Do I really have to say it?

Friday, July 5, 2019

Happy Friday

Get some headphones on for this one...

Monday, July 1, 2019

Beer Canada Day. Hells Basement, Heritage Select Boxcar Comforts

Happy Canada Day chumps. From Beaumont we are bringing you Beer Friday on a somewhat dreary Canada day. I could only imagine if I could ride now it would be strictly paved and multi use paths. seeing some of the monsters on Faceboob's Edmonton mountain bike page gloat how they are riding now on singletrack sends anger shivers down my fucked up sciatica infused spine.

Oh that you ask....? Much better than a week ago. I hope to get back to work next Tuesday. Sadly no riding till that set is over and that all pends on how things are going.

Funny how walking up the stairs normally can create such joy.

Hells Basement was formed in Medicine Hat Alberta. Home of the Medicine Hat Stampede which fervently celebrates all things that is awesome to Alberta. Being close to the Montana border the citizens also enjoy something us mid country folk don't get to do. Lot's and lot's of border crossings.

We poured this Blonde Ale into our trusty tester mug and a beautiful golden beer with a one and a half fingered head stood proudly on top. This one has all the amazing qualities of what a refreshing Summer beer should look like perched in it's glass. I just wanted to grab it and hold it high. The theme of the beer is to support the Olli family and it's seeds to get the malt that makes this one. The cover of the can is very Canadian and if you don't get the significance of the art work and our history please move in with Donald Trump Jr.

It smelled of bread and doughy malts. The first sip was what it promised, it was refreshing and I would have really enjoyed this on a hot day after a bike ride as opposed to how this is really going down. A fruity feel is in this one although I can't quite put my finger on the exact flavour. Some sort of berry I can only assume... Something dark but not too dark. This one rounds itself out as the perfect summer beer. Find some and go watch some fireworks would ya!

This beer gets 4 suds out of 5.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Beer Friday. Whistler Brewing, Lost Lake IPA

Well another end to another long hard week of work...

Not quite, its a long end to another week of hobbling, trying to walk up stairs and bitching incessantly about my condition. Not gonna lie, this is now entering week four where the leg pain is hitting high cords and I'm a little bit down at the whole situation. Getting up and out of bed in the morning is by far the worst.

Acupuncture is now happening and I would like to say after my second visit in a row today I feel a bit different. Like better you ask!? I know your on the edge of your seat right now but I'm not gonna answer. Don't wanna jinx it if it's good.

So there. From someone who gets annoyed at people who post updates on their lives consistently on social media I just did it. Except this ain't social media. If you come on here looking for current ride content. I'm sorry. Gonna be a while. Check the archives. Almost ten years of content right there.

Whistler brewing comes from... Guess and win a Lonebiker one piece bathing suit set for you and the wife!

It was established in nineteen eighty nine, the year the Forty Niners won their third Super Bowl and the Oilers won their fifth Stanley Cup.. Wait! No!

*executive leans in, whispers.

Calgary won?


Well there you have it. So we poured and it gave a nice dirty looking beer with the robust womanly shape of a 1950's pin up girl. A robust and dank one and a half fingered head stayed around to chat while we set up the drinking stations.

First sip was had and it showed to us and the world it's IPA prowess. A heavily bittered taste hits you which is soon washed down with happiness or a pine taste mixed with earthy hops and a sour citrus smack to the face. The sour notes in this are strong. I get it, India Pale Ales are not for everyone. If you are a fan of them I would suggest this. If you hate bitter beer than stay away.

This beer gets 3 suds out of 5.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Beer Friday. Brewsters, Blue Monk Barley Wine

Happy Saturday kids. Hope the bikes and trails are treating you well. This is now well into my first week of work disability all thanks to a nerve in my back that is sending horrendous shards of pain down my leg.

I hate being this guy..

The horrendous shards of pain have been gone for a week now but there are times when my leg will have one just to remind me that it's there. The experts say two more weeks and I should be fine but they also say be careful going back to work (or bikes.) This could be triggered again if not left to fully heal which could be a long time.

The worst part is being off work. I've never been the 'disability' guy but sadly I have no choice. Just walking to the bathroom first thing in the morning is pure torture. Thankfully I work for an incredibly good company and they will work with me through this bullshit. For now, plastic tank and airplane models are the only thing that keep me busy when I'm not at physio or massages and chiropractors.

So there is the update for the blog and lack of posts. Sorry but no this won't turn into a plastic modelling site if you were hoping.

Brewsters was on here in the beginning or around the beginning and haven't been back since. It is a local brewer/ restaurant that has some pretty decent food. It was established in nineteen eighty nine. back when men were men and the Oilers were a contender. Oh my what a long time ago that was...

The pour, not spectacular yet I was and am always impressed took shape of a bronzed brew with a small head and what looked like will be very little to no lacing (two of my interns are crying right now.) It had the smell of butterscotch mixed with grass clippings (or was that from outside?) Nevertheless it was making me eager to try and that was by scent alone, gotta admit not at all impressed by her looks.

We tasted and were pleasantly surprised. This one has character. Malts and slight toffee hit you right away. It has a pleasant mouth feel, in fact one of the best mouthfeels since the inception of Lonebiker and you can take that to the bank Batman!

Sorry, it doesn't get much to make me excited these days cause I've got not much to do.

This one gets 4 suds out of 5.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Beer Friday. Molson, Export

Greetings on a sort of wet evening in the Beaumont area. We are home with a rather serious leg issue. It does seem like I have issues all the time doesn't it? The kind folks at work reminded me of that notion and thinking back it would seem to be every year something comes up.

Do I blame old age? Probably. The issue now is most likely a sciatic issue which means leg pain. Well at times the leg pain was so intense I dropped while on shift at work. Not cool. Did I run back to my camp room like some pussy would though? Hell no! I stayed and did the job most likely injuring myself further and probably taking another year or two off my life. Cause that's what a smart person does! Working with tears in his eyes, injuring himself further making sure nobody sees...

So the good news. Well there isn't any. Other than a beer getting ready for it's time to shine. This newest injury could take a majority of the summer. Ouch.

Molson was established in Canada sometime a long time ago before we started ruling at hockey. Well actually I am pretty sure we ruled at hockey before Molsons and will rule at hockey long after it's gone. I mean.. The Stanley Cup is right now and look how many Canadians are on the teams.  Well, I'm only guessing but I can assume most are Canadian as they always are.

The pour went fine despite our lead pourer going too heavy and creating an unreasonable head. The person involved was immediately fired and sadly that part of the review is now inconsequential. A golden glorious lager awaited. Yes it knew it looked ridiculous with it's large head that was rudely given to him but he stood strong in the face of adversity.

The first sip was very much that of a regular ale. Tastes of light fruit and citrus are there. Things do seem watered down though. Not the fault of the beer, just the fault of the beer type. Or so I think.. This one would be a nice Sunday afternoon beer after you are done mowing the lawn. The grassy hops and earthy tones seem to comply with everything earth.

To close. This isn't an amazing beer by any stretch of the imagination. It is very Canadian and it features (taking a guess here) the Mayflower on the can. This beer has been associated with the Montreal Canadians and Alouettes from as long as I remember. Hell I think the Alouettes had it on their jerseys at one time before the world turned into a bunch of pussies.

This beer gets 2.5 suds out of 5.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Happy Sunday

A beer review every day this set off?

Sadly there will be zero bike time..

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Beer Friday. Red Bison Brewery, Spur Line.

Welcome back to Beer Friday done properly on a Sunday night. The Sunday night before I leave for work to be exact. Yes I was off and no I didn't ride the bikes all due to a muscle strain in my left leg. If you remember correctly I had the exact same problem with my right leg in the Fall lasted year which put an end to the fun for a couple months. Which I'm sure resulted in a plethora of bitching.

I could go on and bitch on here at how lame this is but I think I'll take on a new attitude this go around. Like I mean.. It's really cool limping everywhere I go when I walk anywhere. What's really going to be swell is the shape I will be in when I'm back after another set with this strain thing only starting! I have the entire Beer Friday beer review team off tonight and they are in a church praying things get better and get better fast. Cause guys. This sucks.

I poured all alone in the pouring pavilion and it was a nice somber change. It was quiet. No executives ordering anyone around. Oh wait... Red Bison. See! All I did was talk about myself there!

Located right in Calgary. Another fine looking craft brewery. Not too sure when they opened as the internet is not telling me jack shit. One thing I did find is a horrible review done by somebody who visited their pub. Which made me wonder, how are these business's protected from this kind of shit? Sure if your a terrible business than you deserve to get destroyed online but to the good ones with people with grudges. I'm sure it all works out in the end.

*waits for people to stop laughing.

So I poured this and a dark ale filled my glass with the hopes and dreams of a Calgary based brewery with one whiny online review would want. It filled the glass with hopes and dreams. All that and topped off with a two fingered orange head that spoke loudly much alike another orange face running things down below.

The first sip was quite nice. A smattering of pine cloves, burn't espresso, caramel malt with a slight touch of pine needle that doesn't come through too strong. Yet it's there. The second taste gave all of the same just on a smaller scale. It's like my taste buds are expecting it which tones down the taste a little bit. No it's not watered down, you'd like to think that wouldn't you? The tastes on the last two thirds of the glass were quite exquisite.  This one left a nice lacing on the glass. Nothing but win win Red Bison.

This beer gets 4.5 suds out of 5.