Friday, December 2, 2016

Happy Saturday

Gonna be a long lull between rides and beer reviews kids..

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Ending a Good Weekend Right

Lets see... Three day weekend and three rides in. That's the way they all should be right?

Today was a bit impromptu but the thought of a busy work week ahead pushed me into riding today. The trails were still in good shape and the cold Canadian air was refreshing as it always is.

The legs were in terrible shape which made this a short one. In the end all good as the ride wasn't supposed to happen.

From old school Mill Creek I rode to West Coast trail and spun back through Old Timers and dropped back into the mighty Mill Creek via Blue Man Group. By the time I got back into Mill Creek the legs were beyond done. I wouldn't let them control my ride and forced myself up to the higher Mill Creek singletrack. A smart move. It was an amazing experience.

As far as people down there, there were very little given it being a Sunday. I counted three fatbikes all on pavement and in the singletrack there were a few people riding regular bikes.

An awkward encounter with a lady walking her dog as I had no bell. (See number 7) Instead of announcing to her "on your left" I decided to cough and snort instead. Evidently it was alot louder than I planned and she was startled and jumped. As I passed her while crossing a bridge over Mill Creek I looked at her and apologized and told her I had no bell. For an older lady she had very beautiful eyes and I held my stare a bit too long and my left handlebar crashed into the side of the bridge which startled me.

No crash ensued but the damage was done and I rode away quickly.

The ride ended with no more incidents.

this is what happens when you ride wet trails kids

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Frozen Feet on Flat Pete

Another fat bikeless ride on trails that are in quite incredible condition. Its almost December and the riding is probably the best it has been all year. I'll gladly take this as a slight reprieve from all the crappy trails we have had thanks to the wet year that came and bitch slapped us all who love the singletrack.

The ride which started in Emily Murphy was intended to cross both Fort Edmonton and Terwillegars bridges then loop back. Unfortunately frozen feet turned me around in the beginning of Oliskew's singletrack. Yes, wearing Summer shoes and socks wasn't the noblest of ideas. Sadly I've done dumber things that ruined bike rides and making it as far as I did tonight was a victory.

Riding into the dark is one of my favourite things to do on a mountain bike. The day creeping away as you roll through the trails with lights at the ready. Did I say trails? Any trails would do. Paved, Multi, and even the sexy singletrack. It's just the feel of the valley as it descends into darkness. An awesome feeling I can't explain. Those who've done it know what I'm talking about.

Once it's dark it can be creepy. In the heart of Oliskew's singtrack a pack of coyotes were singing their death chants warning trespassers not to enter.

I entered.

Ladies... Settle down. I'm married.

Still though... I know I'm a badass motherfucker and you cannot handle it.

Ironically it wasn't too far in where I turned around. I blame the frozen feet but I know all you jealous types would think I was scared of death by a pack of rabid coyotes. Not a chance chumps! My feet were cold and I needed a candlelight, Epsom salt, lavender bubble bath to warm up.

All man bitches!

In the end, a good ride. Legs were quite sore from yesterday which seemed like endless climbing. Today I'd be surprised if I hit 100 meters but I guess I'll see when I check out the Strava stats after posting this.

Cheers kids.

spot me and win a years worth of house cleaning  by the lonebiker cleaning crew (15 second exposure whilst riding past)
hanging and pondering riding life on that sexy fort ed bridge

Friday, November 25, 2016

Shut Eyed Google Mapped

A ride went down today that was long overdue. So overdue in fact I lost touch with my pre-ride ceremonies (just for a bit). The last two weeks have been rough, I hate to admit several trips to the trailhead happened but I turned away at the last second. I would get home and realize what I had done and cry face down on the front porch for a good solid twenty minutes.

The morning was fraught with many decisions as to what bike to bring. What to wear. "Fat bike or no fat bike?" I said aloud, only my dogs could hear. "What do I wear? seems warm again." I poked my head out the side window as my neighbour was going to her car. "You think I'll burn through two Clif bars today? Or should I just bring one?" I asked. Awkwardly she stepped up her pace to the car, got in and sped away. I turned back to the dogs again. "What about a pack? Should I go backless? Nah. I want my nice camera."

You know... Shit like that.

A closed eye Google map finger point told me where to start today's ride. Something you might want to try on your next outing. Simply open maps on your device and make sure you have the whole valley, spin it in circles (with eyes shut you nimrod) and place your finger on the screen. The closest area to where your finger is will be where you start.

I landed pretty much right on Goldstick park. An area I have honestly never been to the best of my knowledge. I was a bit excited. On arrival I realized it was Goodbar park's older alcoholic brother. Excited to be on the East side of the city again after all the new bridge going's on as of late.

I set off into a grass enriched trailed system that eventually led me to the end of Gold Digger. I got off and soon found myself in Cambodia and was in trail heaven. This weird start to Winter has me a a bit happy as I am still riding one of the Summer bikes. The Moots is officially out of commission until next Spring so the Altitude will be the bike of choice until we actually get Winter or it doesn't turn to shit like October.

The trails as of today were incredible. If only I had more to give physically but being out on a fine Summer bike was worth every struggled pedal stroke.

I know it is the end of November but I don't get why everyone is on their fat bikes. As my assistant is rolling her eyes now as I could very well be on mine tomorrow. Those big wheels and the studs are nice to have when things are frozen.

Today. Not the case.

The ride took me to the outer reaches of the Science Park where I returned and rode the beginning of Gold Digger until I came to my return back to Goldbar's ugly brother. I rode ugly grass trails and found my bikes ride home.

Think I'll start some more rides there though.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Trail Etiquette With Chaz

The sad thing is there are lots of guys like this that exist.

Trail Etiquette With Chaz from Transition Bikes on Vimeo.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Happy Sunday

Stand by for seven minutes and thirty five seconds of absolute pure fucking awesome...

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Frozen Trails and a Cold Empty Valley

 After spending yesterday and this morning pouting at the  current conditions of the river valley. You know the saturated singletrack that gums up your drivetrain faster than an FM radio DJ annoys you with their horrible attempt at humour?

I've had enough of the bullshit. I was so tired after just riding on multi use and paved and still forced to wash the bike for an hour afterwards.

Yes I can be a little bitch. Although I think anyone riding right now would feel the same way.

Then came today.

I took the shitbike out figuring it would be wet but soon learned I could have been on one of the fine Summer bikes. The ground was frozen which turned the planned multi use paved ride into something a bit more special.

Albeit not a ton of singletrack was ridden but it was enough to make for an incredible day on a bike that I just don't get along with anymore.

Yes we have had our differences lately but this ride proved more than ever that it doesn't matter what bike you have. Riding is riding. Having the means to get out on anything is all that matters. The Specialized worked it's magic on the singletrack making me remember all the awesome this bike possesses.

Cherries were popped on a new trail in Oliskew who I honestly had no hope for. Oilskew is flat.

Oliskew is Regina Saskatchewan flat. That my friends is flat.

The new trail aptly named "Flat Pete" only made the stigma of Oliskew more undesirable to ride but when I saw it today it was ridden. The trail seems to have alot more than one would think. Speed berms and quick drops followed by very short power climbs through a very windy trail that was just pure fun. Between this, the new singletrack in Terwillegar and Selkirk all with the new bridge. This is now one of the best places to ride a mountain bike in Edmonton.


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Beer Friday. Alley Kat, Scona Gold

On this. My Friday we bring you Scona Gold from Edmonton's own Alley Kat brewing on a very hopeful night as fresh snow seems to be fluttering down which could hopefully be an end to this bullshit weather we have been having. Albeit, I like the warm weather but the rain that accompanied it has been a singletrack killer now for over three months. OK, three months is a bit of an exaggeration but it feels worse than that.

Alley Kat is the pride of Edmonton's beer market. A craft beer staple since Nineteen Ninety Five and is situated in a somewhat peculiar location on the south side of Edmonton. One of these days myself and the lonebiker beer review team are marching down there and demanding a free tour with free tour beer and loads of free merch.

You listening to this Alley Kat? I know you read this!

This Kolsch beer which originated in Germany (where else?) won Gold at the thirteenth annual Canadian brewery awards in Two-Fifteen. Do any of the other Canadian cities have a chance when it comes to Absolute awesome? I mean, the Oilers and all those Stanley Cups. The Eskimos! I lost count of their championships!  With Alley Kat brewing topping the awesome with their 2015 beer win I would see why all other Canadian cities would feel inferior next to us.

The pour gave a nice looking wheat ale. I'd say it was neat, tight and polished just the way it's German originators would have wanted. The German way. The taste is a tad fruity with green grape and slight wafts of cinnamon. A very easy drinking Kolsch that wasn't hoppy. A definite sit on the patio beer, or seeing as it's November. A sit on the couch after riding in the muck and watch football beer.

This one is pretty great.

This beer gets 4 suds out of 5.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Cancelled in Mackinnon

This one just got over the Lonebiker ride posting minimum of six kilometres and with good intentions.

Once in Mackinnon and stopping for a quick photo break the phone had messages from Lonebiker junior in regards to taking the dogs out for a walk in the river valley. I couldn't resist.

The kids always win. A quick turn around in Mackinnon happened and I returned to the valley sans bike.

Sorry kids.

Maybe a dog walking river valley blog should be in the works?

Nope... Lame.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Monday, November 7, 2016

Canada Being Canada

 A Canadian enriched ride on a cool November morning with lubricated trails and a buzz by the best air force pilots in the world?

Punch me in boss. I'll do it!

The buzz by three of the snowbirds was a bit of a shocker. What was more shocking was they flew over in the exact spot of the valley I was on years ago when the Snowbirds unexpectedly flew over on a ride. What was odd was it was the exact spot I was in and two flybys.... Really? Just think of the probability of that happening.

Mathematically I would say probably 0.0000001%

Just a hunch.

The ride had incredible moments stolen right from a Canadian tourist television ad. Fog lifting off the ground and the trees created an ominous feel as I rode through on my Canadian bike that was built in China. I imagined a few Australian chaps watching the telly and seeing me roll through for Canadian tourism and saying to each other "Ya mate, this Canada seems pretty awright!" The trail porn was through the roof this morning.

Yes boys, it is pretty all-right.. It is pretty all right indeed!

The ride from Mill Creek old school to the Capilano bridge via Mid Ewok and Jasper Ave traverse (where the snowbirds were spotted) was simply perfect after a bit of an absence. If rides were ordered ahead of time this would have been the one. The only complaint? The slick trails made the climb on the trails only walkable... Well if you call slipping up a hill while awkwardly holding your bike walking.

Canada. I love you baby!

slip n slide conditions that didn't leave ruts
tried to coax mrs lonebiker to  come back and have a mud fight to no avail

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Happy Sunday

Not gonna lie, things are a bit dire right now.

Our economy is in the shitter.

Putin keeps talking world war three.

That American election... Wow! How fubar is that whole situation?

Worst of all...

Lonebiker has been eerily quiet this week.

This should put a smile on your face...

Wishes: Settle - NOWNESS from NOWNESS on Vimeo.

Monday, October 31, 2016