Sunday, March 17, 2019

St Pat's Day. Destroy Your Fatbike Day

A Mill Creek themed ride that ended earlier than planned due to the warm weather.

The ride from the old school parking lot and up through Blue Man and into Old Timers with plans on staying alongside the mighty river until Andre's or something further came up. It was the warm snow that ended it. Sinking into the trail at times with my fat tires was enough for me. To think I was following a guy riding a regular bike in the warm snow and he was struggling. Yes, his tracks did fuck me up a little but I don't judge. That was literally me about nine years ago.

N ot a lot to get excited about other than just riding a bike. Missed out the last few days due to family commitments and such..

Thursday, March 14, 2019

An Extended RT Loop

Good day on the bike. A Terwillegar shaped ride which was extended in Rio Terrace for a loop around some swanky houses.

Snow conditions were top notch but don't use this as info to ride yourself. It's warmer out now and things change hourly.

Go on... Who cares about the possible slush. Get out there kids.

*Sorry, limited time for this, hence a short write up.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Beer Friday. Peligroso, Chili Coconut Porter

Friday night for me, which is actually a Tuesday but I guess a Saturday as I came home yesterday from the north yesterday which was a Monday which means today was my Saturday.

In an odd sense, its Saturday. Yet I will have about six Saturday's in a row followed by one horrible Sunday. A Sunday that Monday to Friday people will not get. It's the day before leaving for site.

It's a sad one...

I'm really hoping that made sense. This job I am on will most likely be the duration of the year, all with the same company I was with last year, just a new field job and they were looking for hero's. I stood up and answered the call. "Did I just really sign up for this with no end in reasonable site!?"  Is something I have been thinking for the last few weeks.

It's not that bad but I did want to be around home for this stage in my career. Odd how I took a job at home to stay at home and I've been out of town for the majority of it.

Today we have a Chili Coconut Porter. Definitely something I would not pick up but was a gift from a good family member so we will review it despite the coconut and give the most anti-coconut-biased- review ever.

Well, we will try.

The pour was quite amazing. A super dark and powerful brew emanated from the aluminum confines of this otherwise unwanted beer can. The manly way it showed itself took up all there low traits of tasting of coconut (sorry kids, that is all me.)

But will it taste of coconut? Let's see..

Yes, the smell hits you once the brew is brought to the mouth. From trying to be on an outsiders point of view it is strong of coconut. The chili taste isn't quite there yet you get snippets of it as you take a sip.

The coconut is quite strong as per usual in anything flavoured coconut. I unfortunately do not like coconut one bit so this one was a bit of a hard pill to swallow. Besides the coconut I can taste... Well, all I can taste is coconut. Sorry kids.

If up are a coconut fan I strongly suggest this. If not, well you know what to do..

I'll be fair with the grading on this one for all you coconut lovers out there.

This beer gets 3 suds out of 5.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Miley Absloutely Destroys Say Hello to Heaven

The newfound respect for Miley Cyrus has grown leaps and bounds.


Thursday, February 28, 2019

A Ride Cut Short

A ride that originated near the Staff College where I dropped into Go Trail and eventually did the now Terwillegar usual Flat Pete and that terrible log trail that is actually fun to ride in the Winter because it has actual flow.

I debated on staying in the valley after realizing I had to make it for home fast as we had company coming earlier in the evening. I exited the valley and rode the old school way to get to Terwillegar through an army of big houses and white judgy soccer moms driving overpriced suv's.

The singletrack leading into the hills took me to Go Trail where I made my triumphant exit.

Today's highlights:

I got to ride a bike, and it was damn fun.

Epic weather conditions.

The snow could have been a bit better but I'm not gonna complain.

Absolutely nobody in the valley.

Today's lowlights:

None, I got to ride a bike you assholes! Why would you think it sucked in any way?

Well, the snow was kinda shitty. There I complained. You all happy?


Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Beer Friday. Dandy Brewing, Lager.

A return from the north was made yesterday morning and I made it until two in the afternoon until I passed out for about an hour or so on the couch with snores that would probably scare away the combined Russian and Chinese armies if they ever invaded Canada.

Yes I am not a quiet sleeper and I am not proud of it. Nightshift only makes it ten times worse.

The ride today was a wash as my warmer Winter gloves were missing. I did not want to wear the lobster gloves as I knew my hands would probably die from the overbearing heat. The day was spent looking for my regular gloves and eventually the towel was thrown in and I went to M.E.C to get a new pair just so I could ride tomorrow.

Think I've said this before. I need to take better track of my shit.

Dandy Brewing, based out of Calgary was founded by three long lost beer should mates in two thousand and fourteen. The were beer enthusiasts and they found each other after high school. I can only imagine the moment was quite epic as they sat and discussed their quest to brew good beer.

Do we go on about Calgary? Meh... Go Oilers!

The pour gave a clear golden beer with a small one and a quarter head that didn't impress anyone in the room. Not even that shy new intern. Michael. The beer knows it was matched up against some heavy weights from the former Beer Friday lineup. It was scared and we knew it.

What makes a good lager in my opinion? Something that satisfies the palate in a way nothing else can. The old stand by's as being cool, crisp and refreshing are at the mercy of every lager. A good lager is for someone who works a good ten hour or more day and comes home and wants something refreshing. A huge number of the population does this, will Dandy brewing be up to the task of delivering?

The first sip was quite nice to be honest. It quenched the palate and was quickly followed up by a short burst of slight citrus aftertaste. The nose sense does give a slight hint to the citrus but I found the true taste was a frothy. Rice, earthy hops like beaten down Alberta Wild Rose seem to inhabit the flavour. This one is nice but when it comes down to it it is like all the rest.  Except for that aftertaste.

This beer gets 2.5 suds out of 5.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Winter Trail Euphoria

A ride in the Eastern side of the valley for a change and it ended up being the best ride of the year so far. Shitty conditions were prevailent especially on Hustler (tee he he.) Why do I love the fact that this trail shares the name of a smut magazine? Is it the tradesman in me? Hell ya kids!

It was short and started with a wipe out all thanks to the sugar snow brought on by the shitty cold we have been living with. Was it MoonRaker? Fuck me, I can’t keep up with the trail names. I should be a good ambassador to the valley and get my shit sorted out. Hold on a second...

Hell ya! It was MoonRaker! Man I’m awesome to know that right?


GoldDigger was out of this world amazing. Lot’s of traffic on the ski trails so I behaved and showed them respect and yielded. Followed by a friendly wave. I hope you all do the same. They were there first after all and if they are grumpy like me they probably don’t like the new intruders. Well that trail has been there for a while now so I’m sure they are used to us now.

Hustler was tackled and the thought of bailing came across my mind several times. Not much traffic and loose snow made the punchy climbs quite a challenge. I did take one for the team and rode it to help pack down the trail somewhat.

Wow. Listen to me gloat on here...

The short 8 km ride ended after MoonRaker again where I took Sideline back to the Jeep. Amazing conditions on this amazing trail ended a great day. It’s a travel work day tomorrow but the temptations to ride in the morning will be strong after todays amazing singletrack orgasms.

the loose snow on hustler, quite aggravating at times.. 

Saturday, February 16, 2019

More Trail Pussification, Frozen Face and a Kickass Dog Named Rü

A meet up with Kent and his new buddy. A soon to be full out trail dog named Rü. The ride was planned on being a shorter one and it lived up to the hype. The cold weather is starting to wear us down, not gonna lie. On top of that I had shaved a glorious beard that would have made any mountain man proud of my bearded locks. I have to do it for work sadly. Fort Mcmurray is calling again.

We started from his place and dropped into Firemans. That is where we saw just what kind of ride this was going to be. Sugary loose snow that was unpacked from lack of traffic threw us around in a very annoying fashion.

The steeps were taken very precariously and I ended up walking down the big one. I'm sure if I still had a beard I would have ridden it, sadly like Samson from the bible I'm just not the same person once shaved. Kent rode it of course with Rü in close quarters. Was there ever any doubt?

We rode Logawhatever the fuck it's called, ten times a better trail in the Winter and then Flat Pete. The pace was slow with glasses fogging up and the trail disappearing causing a few run offs. We hit the famous dip and I remarked on the number of spots it looked like people had trouble from what the snow was telling me.

That's when Kent told me about the new cheat line. "Say what!?" I bellowed back.

People have built a trail to avoid the small switchback (is it even a switchback?) and dip that made the trail famous. Not a huge deal cause the original trail is still there but I was irritated quite badly. I really hope this isn't the work of mountain bikers. Flat Pete is not a hard trail in the slightest degree and it is too much for some. Sad...

The ride ended after BDSM and the multi use back up to the top. Wait a second... How has BDSM retained it's name in these ultra pussified sensitive times?

The world needs more Kent's. The world need more Rü. The world needs less social media.

this shit right here drives me mad, original trail to the left, ultra pussies to the right, was happy to see
not a lot of bike tracks on the pussified way.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Beer Friday. Endeavour Brewing, Sudden Draft IPA

Endeavour Brewing. A local homegrown brew from St. Albert, Alberta. Easily the nicest little area in the Edmonton region. St Albert is the one place you can drive to in the summer where you will feel like you are a long ways away. From it's amazing parks and vibe. If you are visiting in the Summer I advise you to go and check out the farmers market. It's a white people paradise. The bike situation? Never ridden and doesn't look too great but you have the Edmonton river valley right next door so what is there to lose?

You reading this Beaumont? That's right, you suck!

This brew is part of a six pack that was gifted from family. All six are local brews which was a hell of an idea. In fact I am standing at attention in front of the computer and applauding at this very moment. Godspeed Sheri's sister... Godspeed.

Or was it her husbands idea?

Damn it!

I should pay more attention to these things.

The pour gave a nice two fingered head that was reduced to one finger after a few minutes and the froth stayed. It wanted to hang on like a desperate rock groupie waiting for the band in the back alley, even though the band left hours ago. Seriously? What is with the head on this one... Quite spectacular. We finally had a sip and the first thought was this one is clean, fresh and riddled with summer flavour. So why am I drinking this on the downside of one of the longest cold snaps we have had in Alberta? That's right, I gotta fire some more interns and maybe a couple executives.

A few more sips were had and this one delivered strong. A strong citrus smell emanates from the glass making one dream of summer barbecues and post ride beer infused bike cleanings.

More tastes of citrus and a slight touch of hops. The mouthfeel is very easy going and once down you want some more. This one is very easy to drink which could spell trouble. At 6.7% you might end up in the back alley with your pants undone. So that means ya snowflakes take it easy with this one!

This beer gets 4 suds out of 5.  

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Sugar Snow and Unridden Trails

A ride from Old Timers to Gnome and back to Blue Man for a return to Mill Creek in style.

The return to Mill Creek was for a search for a missing skewer part that drastically helps in the cold with my back tire being off. With the tire on, my rear window of the Jeep is open and the bike sticks out. In the end, the part was never found. I knew it was like searching for Waldo at a barber shop sweater convention (ok, wait.. what!?)

My own fault. Typical of me cause its something that should have been fixed months ago. I blame work but in the end I am a terrible procrastinator.

The ride started out good but quickly went to meh. Gnome trail was a letdown as the tracks were not there from fellow riders. The snow was sugary and shitty making it a struggle. Once off I decided to double back and hit Mill Creek in the off chance my skewer part was there somewhere in the snow from yesterday. I had intended to ride West Coast and duck up into Mill Creek but again. Lack of riders packing down trails made things look quite shitty.

'W.T.F... '  A thought that stuck in my mind knowing there are tons of people who ride fat bikes in the area, even in the cold which I avoided last set off. Are people sheep and only follow other tracks? Maybe, but I avoided West Coast at the cost of my poor lack of riding fitness. So I complain but I am one too.

Blue Man group was the same situation. Nothing but footprints and no fat bike or any sign of a bike whatsoever. I made it down unscathed and rode the paved to the 76th ave crossing and turned back taking the singletrack back.

That is where the magic happened on Earthshaker and The Trap (both heavily ridden trails) and my out of body experiences came into full effect. Cannabis is legal in Canada now you say? Fuck cannabis. Ride bikes. It's much more fun.

In the end. An amazing ride. Just wish I could figure out why nobody is riding those other amazing trails...

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

A Ride... Finally

Greetings friends, colleagues, blog readers, porn stars and that cool kid down the block who didn't talk to me. For those who are reading this, Hi Mom.

Been a while since I posted anything significant and I apologize. The weather and a lack of urgency to ride or do anything blog related has been a heavy issue.

So we have today. A day I booked off early to start my days off. I had committed to MillCreek a couple days prior and I actually made it. The ride stayed in my favourite little ravine for the short duration and it was everything I loved about winter riding all wrapped into a little gift basket except for the overbearing cold of course.

The trees smiled and danced as I rode by.

Not a soul was seen in the ravine and I would not have it any other way.

The crunching sugary snow that took control of my tires from the cold even made me happy.

A short but perfect bike ride today. Lets shoot for another one shall we kids?

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Friday, February 8, 2019

Monday, February 4, 2019

Happy Monday

Sorry for the lack of content kids.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019