Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Ride Ends on Free Sign Day

Terribly sorry, had a good write up for this one but Blogger is sucking. This could be the end of this blog as my old mac does not bode well with Bloggers neverending updates. 

In short.Ok ride, found a river valley campfire sign and it was game over. 

Sorry about this. I really am so mad I am shaking. Hope this isn't the end. Not a cool way to end things.


Monday, September 14, 2020

A Ride in the Woods

A definite year end top fiver. The ride which almost didn't happen as things have been quite hectic happened.

Conditions right now are some of the best that I could ask for. With the cool Canadian air that I love the trails were all prime which added to the awesome that was set before me. I started in Kinseman and took the mighty Menzies across for a warm up on river valley road before climbing up to Wonder woman to ride her.

Ride the trail... Please don't. I even had a whole thing going there with funny and awkward sexual connotations but erased it as I don't want to get cancelled by those mean people on Twitter.

The climb up was great. I know this is mainly a one way trail being down but riding hard trails up had always been a pasttime of mine. I looped around hoping to ride Purple Haze to loop back to Wonder Woman but misjudged the entrance and was way too low so I passed the Wonder Woman downhill for another day.

First bridge of Mackinnon took me out and I descended into Laurier on the fun side of things. I found the outside loop trail that avoids all the Karens and psychos. I believe it was Jason and Gord who showed me the great little bypass.

A crossing happened near shiny balls and I eventually found myself climbing out of the valley via Sprite (I believe?) and for the first time rode up without no breaks. I was somewhat full of piss and vinegar today and my feelings of being somewhat fast and good at riding were squashed when I was passed by a high school kid in between RayGun and Silver Fox.

My trying to keep up with him turned into trying to catch him turned into him disappearing and me stopping my bike to "check" my chain.

I believe I saw him again on E.M.P Blast again and felt a little touchy when we passed by and I did a terrible job of moving and he hit the ditch. It was not that bad as the speeds were very slow and I saw his front tire go off the trail. I rode on.

Man, I was a massive dick back there wasn't I?

Shit... Sorry kids. I am usually quite nice on the trails and would have most likely stopped when a rider approached on singletrack.

In the end. It was very minor, think my head overplayed things. If this somehow finds that guys way. Sorry dude. Totally my bad.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Beaumont the Not so Great

The need to live somewhere cool has never been more of a standout. When you only have about an hour to ride in the day it would be nice to open the door and enter some sort of singletrack. Instead I get paved paths full of white people with dumb smiles walking down the paths with their dogs or pushing a stroller. The women smile until you get close and that friendly and somewhat phoney psychotic  smile quickly turns to a scowl as they see you are not slowing down. Yes, everything is in complete control, they just don't see it that way even when you go off path through the grass when passing.

Which is why I love the river valley as people down there are used to the common traffic. The odd clueless wanderer does make their way down to the valley but that is because they are from places like this.

Today was the end result of a no bike ride day turned into a ride. With about an hour and a half window I needed to ride for the soul and that I did.

In the end, Beaumont is incredibly nice and safe. It's a nice place to live it just sucks for anything mountain bike related.

Friday, September 11, 2020

Beer Friday. Sea Change Brewing, Striker Session Ale

After four long months of practically no work I got the call to go out for a set of nights at the mine. Basically I went from doing nothing for months at the shop to being flat out for a full 7 day week of 14 hour nights in the middle of a mine and I am now recovering.

Part of that recovery was supposed to be a local bike ride. You know.. the kind of ride that will ease one back into the swing of things. Maybe a few small hills will be climbed. Maybe I would give it somewhat hard on a straight away or two.. Hell, I would just explore this quant little town on a super fine September day with just me and my hardtail breaking into days off.

As you can see today's ride was not posted on here meaning the Lonebiker minimum 8 kilometres of travel time did not happen. This ride didn't even come close. I got on the bike and instantly regretted my decision. It didn't even take a full pedal rotation and I knew I made a bad decision. I did manage to ride right around the block and back to the house instantly grabbing the iPad and going to a Netflix movie. Yes I know a lot of you reading this being active cyclists probably lifted your nose up at that move but it was a great one.

Never before has being a sloth felt so right other than today.

Today's beer comes from Sea Change brewery with a location right here in Beaumont. The small brewery is a brewpub that has some great beer with a very limited menu. If you go, we hope you like tacos, although they have been having features lately to try and boost things but be forewarned. Not a lot on the menu. The tacos by the way are quite delicious.

We poured and were greeted with a nice murky and dirty want to be golden beer, no we don't mean that in a bad way. Most good beers have that murky look to them, it's the crisp cool looking smooth gold ones that you gotta worry about. Well no, I'm wrong.

Guys. I'm quite tired ok.

We sipped and enjoyed the moment with this one as it was quite nice on the palate. A nice sense of all around decent hops with a very nice and clean finish. This session ale is quite heavy. Not your normal Budweiser backyard beer. I guess that's where the murky look to this one comes from as it's soul is dirty which adds to good taste. Am I right?

When sipping a tropical smell hits you, mixed pineapple, mango and kiwi with a dark hoppy twist reminding you this isn't fruit juice. Some tastes of mango hit you with a nice mild hop aftertaste with zero bitterness that finishes as I said 'smooth.'

This beer gets 4 suds out of 5.

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

The Y.E.G

Definitely not great. A ride on the streets  when I could have been riding trails but I gave zero shits about that aspect of riding today.

Not sure why. Maybe with work looming I was in kind of a shite mood.

I forgot to hit record on the strava for this one but the southside high school parking lot took me out again. Strathcona High is the school and north was the direction I was heading, I crossed the high level on the east side which is kind of rare as most crossings are on the west (I know, you give zero shits on my High Level crossings, it was just a boring ride and I need to fill it in with pointless drivel.)

So anyways.... Nah. This was kind of a crappy one. No inspiration for this ride whatsoever. Hey, we all have crappy rides. So the question is.... Do I put this high on the top five worst rides of 2020?

I rode downtown from the Whyte area and back featuring a staggering east and west side ride river crossing on the High Level!

It was madness...

Happy Monday