Sunday, November 22, 2020

A Boy and His Coyotes

Finally, after a long delay in rides the fat bike was taken out on it's official 2020-2021 Winter maiden voyage. It was a short roll from Mill Creek's outer core to a Blue Man Group climb out where I found myself on Dirty Mattress and discovered yet again that people do not ride this in the Winter.

The trail was extremely messy and pocket marked with footsteps galore. Signs of previous riders were there by the obvious signs of a skid out as the trail was quite loose and shitty and hard to stay on. The short climbs were not rideable and I had to walk up. The second coyote of the night was spotted in the area after seeing one at the start of the ride in Mill Creek.

Both the coyotes kept their distance but the Dirty Mattress one trailed me for a little bit, I'm sure hoping  I would suddenly die as he would have a meal, or better for me I tossed some food his way. It was a cool thing to see. I hit Old Timers after and looped back home as my lights do not hold a charge for very long. 

The high side of Mill Creek singletrack took me back and another coyote crossed my path. After seeing the third coyote, objects in the shadows started to move and I was seeing things for the rest of the short 11 km ride. 

Near the end of the ride coyote number 4 was spotted yet I'm pretty sure it was number one showing himself again but we don't have to tell people that do we? He was the biggest and most impressive one of the night and I named him Simba Jr.

I made it back and inspired to ride some more although with my schedule things kinda look bleak. Unless I dig hard. 


Saturday, November 21, 2020

Beer Friday. Bronc Beer, Saddle Up.

It was a productive day as the orange Winter wonder bike was put back together with new pedals and a brake bleed where it was successfully done on the first attempt with absolutely no tools thrown in anger. Hell I may have only dropped two f-bombs the whole time which should be a new record for fewest curse words uttered while I work on my bike. 

My history with bike repairs have been quite a tumultuous affair over the years. I remember a wheel flying across the basement one time and crashing into the basement fridge we have. A rather large dent on the front of the fridge and an angry wife was the final result as I could not get my new tubeless tires to seat in the rim one year. 

Could today be the beginning of the end of the inept home bike mechanic bullshit? 

I hardly think me installing a new 11 speed derailleur and setting it up so it runs smooth with zero issues will probably ever happen in my bike lifetime. I have always wanted to learn how to properly tune up a bike and you would think after riding since 1992 I would know a thing or two about mechanics. 

Welp... Nope I don't. This is why I have good bro's like Kent. 

This beer comes from Calgary, Alberta. I cannot find much else about them, their website is one of the worst I have seen since I started doing these reviews. They have a bit more content on Facebook or Instagram but it just seemed like they repost people out enjoying Bronc beer. I noticed they give high praise to Wrangler wearing folk, especially when the individual is near a horse or doing something manly cause you know... Berta. 

The pour went well for this common American styled lager. A crisp golden beer entered our tester glass and had a two and a quartered fingered head which is now down to a skimmed head across the top while I type this. A sign that this beer can retain it's frothiness and look cool while I stare at it. Lot's of heads disappear quickly cause they are scared. Have I mentioned this beer is from Alberta and is not afraid of nothing, well except maybe another carbon tax. 

It has the smell of a very faint skunk like aroma. Common for these types I believe. We sipped and this Albertan lager delivered as promised that a cheap 12 pack should. It's decent, all the lager taste is there but in the style of cool 80's beer commercials this one has a bit of a vile aftertaste. It almost reminds me of old brussel sprouts in a way. 

After a few more sips the final conclusion? You know what this is for? You want taste and quality? Go eat a dick you craft beer princesses, this shit is here after a long week at the junkyard. Fuck ya boys. Not something that will mess you up quickly at 5%. It's cheap, so drink lots.

Responsibly of course..

This beer gets 2 suds out of 5. 

Friday, November 20, 2020

A Failed Start to the 2020-2021 Winter Season

 Woe is me... What can I say other than "holy shit that was a lame ride." Calling it now, worst ride of the year at the year end Lonebiker Awards.

At the beginning of RayGun I seem to have lost my pedal. The ride was garbage to say the least as I couldn't hold a line to save my life. I unexpectedly held back a much faster dude and his dog. Terribly sorry if you happen to come across this. It was a weird feeling for a little while and I could not clip into my pedal. A somewhat steep climb was what clued me in as my foot slipped off resulting in an almost decapitation of Lonebiker Jr but that sweet 907 sloping top tube saved my boys. 

I swore a few times and took a couple pics for the blog and started on my way back in search of the missing pedal. It was not located sadly so he will be missed as well as my Garmin GPS that flew away a while back. A much worse feeling than a pedal. 

The incredible awkward ride back took more time than it should of as I had no control as all my concentration was on my right foot trying to pedal on a skinny spindle on what felt like a very squirmy bike. 

The ride ended by riding the paved trails along saskatchewan drive. 

Pure epic amaze kids.


Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Happy Wednesday

 This is kinda dark and a bit brooding which I most certainly like..

Have a listen, decent headphones recommended.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Happy Wednesday

Terribly sorry I squandered my days off and rode 0 km.s. I didn't even get out for a shitty 4 km jaunt that would not get posted on here. Nope. It was an absolute nightmare trying to set back to days these days off which meant lots of rides postponed for the next day and the same shitty sleep would happen postponing the rides until well... here we are. 

Long live Fat Bikes...

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Beer Friday. Sea Change Brewery, Death Wave

 Man... Would you look outside. Literally it went from dry  epic summer bike conditions to epic fat bike conditions in just one day. If you happen to be a reader from England (there are quite a few of you) this is quite normal for Alberta and does seem to happen almost every year. It is a literal Winter wonderland out there right now and I just hid in the house all day because some overtime was worked on nights and now the recovery starts late. 

We hope to get out tomorrow to get some pics for you guys because wow, it will be amazing. It's snowfalls like these that help make Canada the wonder country that it is and ironically most of it's residents bitch incessantly about the Winter.

That brothers and sisters drives me bat shit crazy. 

We are Canadians.

We are supposed to embrace the changing of the seasons.

Yet almost everyone complains and forgets how to drive every year in the first snowfall. We could be our meth lab neighbors down below the 49th. I'll take the snow and the bad driving.

Sea Change is making another appearance on here. This is the little microbrewery, pub that took up residence in this little town of ours which I recommend trying out. As I have said before it's a great little pub with  a limited menu of tacos or burritos which are quite delicious. 

Today's pour is their take on Mexican Lager. Very appropriately for an Albertan based brewery to do as most Albertan's fly to Mexico around this time of year to get drunk and fight about whose  hockey team is superior. Oh and on that note, we have Connor McDavid and Leon Draisatil so fuck you all! 

The pour went well and after the festivities from the pour and moving down to the lab there is still a small I'd say a four fingernail thick head on this after all that time. I was kind of impressed. But it does not take much to impress me. I'm a grown ass man that still thinks trains are cool.

The color is much akin to a Mexican beer and suddenly I realized we made a huge mistake. This is not Mexican beer weather by any means! This is angry dark beer weather which we have in the waiting. Well shit. I kind of messed this one up. Does it really matter though? Does it? 

I am sure Sea Change will hate me for this but this smells of hair spray. I swear to God that was my first impression. Upon further sniffs it was the earthly hops that threw me off and it was actually quite pleasant. We sipped and enjoyed the crisp bold and powerful taste you get out of this. Unlike the Mexican beers I am familiar of this one does not seem watered down. Floral like hops and a sense of slight chocolate dip cookie batter. 

A definite win for Beaumont having these guys here.

This beer gets 4.5 suds out if 5. 

A Boy and His Coyotes

Finally, after a long delay in rides the fat bike was taken out on it's official 2020-2021 Winter maiden voyage. It was a short roll fro...