Monday, May 22, 2017

An Ode to Ride Everyday

I wish I could ride my bike every damn day. I wish I could come back from a ride and write about it on this here blog every day of the year. Wouldn't that just be the greatest?

Unfortunately that can't happen and this was the last ride of this set of days off. A rather somber mood is in the air as I prepare to leave in the darkest hours of the night to drive up north and start another set of nights. Such is life in Alberta. Know i'm not the only one in these shoes. Yet, good shoes they are.

Today's ride from Mill Creek to mid Ewok followed by a return lower Ewok was somber and quiet. The allergies hit again and the suffering came with them, albeit I  pulled through cause I had to.

In the end of a short post, A great ride today in incredible conditions.

*we at the lonebiker apolagize for the poor photos in this one, heart wasn't in the photography.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Family First Ride

 An impromptu ride where our family was supposed to have a fire in the river valley later in the afternoon where it was decided that I would just ride my bike and meet them.

A genius idea actually.

I had visions of pulling up to the fire at the end of the ride all soaked in sweat with my tight and surly dead sexy bike gear on. Oh my! How could Mrs Lonebiker control herself when she saw that? If only she could see me railing some sweet section of technical singletrack before-hand! 'How can I lure her onto a trail?' I wondered...

Tell her there is good wood picking spot on the ridge of West Coast trail? 'That's it!'

After much thinking I decided it would be too much for the poor girl. I would blow her mind as visions of Austin Power Fem-bots raced through my mind when they exploded as they couldn't handle the great Austin Powers.

'Quite sure that would happen to Mrs Lonebiker.' I thought to myself and decided her just seeing me after a ride would be enough sexual eye candy for the next seven months.

Sadly things didn't quite turn out the way I hoped they would. Our usual spot in Kinseman was open when I pulled in to the area. I texted my wife and said it's open and started my ride. A planned short hop to Mill Creek and if I felt like it, a roll through Ewok and back.

Once in Mill Creek I checked the phone to find out the site was taken. One of many soon to be phone calls happened as I told them what parks to check out. As expected though, it was a picture perfect day and everyone was out. So sections of trail were ridden as I went back to Kinseman and a few phone calls were made to find out they could not find anything.

Sadly, it kind of ruined the ride but I wasn't expecting much on this one anyway.

The story does have a happy ending though. We found a spot. Luckily for Mrs Lonebiker's libido. She didn't see me show up on a bike.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

A Return to Firemans

A shortened ride from yesterday from sore legs and a badly fucked up allergy infused body. It was still quite good though. Started at Staff College and was mainly kept in the Terwillegar area with a return to Firemans trail after a hiatus due to construction of the bridge . I'll let Strava and the few attached pictures tell rest of the story.

Friday, May 19, 2017

A Few More Kilometres

Like dipping into a fine slice of pie I dove into Edmonton's finest singletrack today and enjoyed every last morsel of awesome that it had to deliver. From Mill Creek's Velodrome to what I thought were new trails which ended up being a quick transition I didn't care. The ride started awesome much akin to the start of riding in the early nineties with Temple of The Dog on a discman and Mill Creek as a starting destination.

An exit from upper Mill Creeks singletrack and eventually in Birdhouse trail and into mid Ewok. In every trail ridden the flow was there which was a nice change from previous rides as of late although the lung capacity or legs didn't want me to carry me through.

Hence some good breaks that came with pep talks to myself to stay motivated were had. They worked but the energy was quickly going away. I rode through the great singletrack leading to Capilano bridge where I crossed and headed back to Dawson where I crossed again and rode the reverse mid Ewok.

One of the best rides of the year so far, nothing but trails for the most part (it is Edmonton.) Greenness and a feeling of electricity was in the air.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A Few Good Kilometers

Finally a rather descent ride despite allergy short comings which slowed me down considerably. Yet I'm at the point of not giving a jack shit anymore. I was riding, it was slow, it was still awesome. The climbs were frustrating as I didn't have much to take me over the hump.

The ride from Kinseman to Organ Donor via the greatest set of balls in all the land was handled well by the Altitude. Saying I'm really starting to miss the Moots would be a massive understatement. Although the suspension was a nice touch as most of the trails are good to ride on now. They are quite tacky, almost too tacky which took away from perfect conditions. Things were quite good though. You can still expect puddles in areas for obvious reasons.

Laurier was ridden after I decided to cross Hawerlak pedestrian bridge after riding up Six Shooter and descending down Machete. I crossed the Quesnel and found myself powering down which I blame on a gross breakfast.

Seriously. It was disgusting and I vowed to never make breakfast again. So I apologize to all of you in case we ever end up in a situation where I should make you breakfast. Cause it's not happening. Geez... Did this ever just get fucking weird.

Organ Donar was given two thumbs down today. For whatever reason it seemed better in the Winter when I rolled through with Kent. Maybe I was just entranced with his hair.

The trail conditions on Organ Donar were the worst of the whole ride which made me a bit grumpy. Almost snotty trails combined with steep longer than average climbs followed quickly by the same kind of descents. Sadly it didn't have the flow I like. I vowed to make it back there and try it again. The woods in that area are pretty cool though.

The ride ended after a descent down Six Shooter which featured a good three minute coughing break. It was a good time.

these new trail builders are getting bold, pretty high traffic area, godspeed folks!

Monday, May 15, 2017

The Case Gets Stronger for a Cross Bike

I should by now just have a Lonebiker default shitty weather post that I should put up whenever the trails are not rideable due to rain or lack of snow, or warm Winter weather. Those three things have been persistent problems the last few years and well quite frankly. I've had enough dog gonnit!

I could complain about the weather on the default post and say things I have said a lot over the years like:

*Don't mean to be a bitch but I'm really getting sick of the rain.
*I woke up to the sound of rain this morning, I should have stayed in bed but decided to go anyways.
*This warm Winter weather is absolute bullshit.
*If I hear one more person say how nice this warm Winter weather is, I'm gonna throat punch him.
*If I see one more person riding and wrecking the muddy singletrack, I'm gonna throat punch him.
*My poor bikes are getting killed in this shit, I'm gonna throat punch somebody.

As you can see the default shit weather posts can be interchangeable according to whatever shit weather is taking place. On to today's ride...

I woke up to the sound of rain this morning, I should have stayed in bed but decided to go anyways. Today the Altitude (the only functioning bike currently) was ridden from Mill Creek to Groat bridge where a crossing took place and I soon found myself on High Level after riding up into town because the trails were absolute snot. I was a good boy and stayed off but did ride the multi use whenever an opportunity arose.

With all the issues that need to be addressed for the current bike quiver a new bike would be warranted from a lottery win. But a cross bike of some sort would be just killer for these kind of trail issues. Absolute killer..

*sigh... shuts eyes, daydreams about the idea. Falls asleep and dreams of garden gnomes attacking his pet frog with broken beer review bottles.

In the end, I guess were not always thinking bikes. Maybe that's the issue.

new singletrack in mill creek? say it ain't so! come on you. dry up!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Allergies and Worn Out Tires Compliment a Fine Short Ride

A ride I'd hope would go over ten kilometres did succeed that on one of the worst allergy suffering festivals in most recent years. Why do other years I feel nothing with no medicine and this year I am lambasted with everything that is horrible with the allergy bug?

I rode today like a trooper. Head held high. Arms outstretched. Ready for anything.

I rode and suffered yet enjoyed the ride despite the bullshit of allergy season trying hard to kick my ass. It kicked hard, I wheezed on climbs. Was politely asked by  couple passers by if I was all right (if that's you bless reading this, bless your soul.) My chest at times felt like it was going to jump out of my ribcage. Yay... Good times.

To end it, it was a fine ride considering the bullshit.

Short and sweet.

See, things are getting better than Wednesday.

the pussification of society continues...


Thursday, May 11, 2017

Beer Friday. Fergie Brewing, Kickstand Honey Kolsch

Beer Friday. May ninth, two-seventeen. Posted May 26th. Or so I believe...

I mean, who knows. When this is posted things will be getting heavy work wise. Writing this, it is my first day home and ladies and gents. It feels fantastic, other than being hit hard with allergies. The summer bikes (well bike) are ready to get out and from what it looks like. The trails are ready.

So here is hoping the rides are long and sweet. Despite feeling like a bag of shit.

Fernie Brewing located in Fernie, British Columbia has been featured on here before and let me just say damn... I want to live in Fernie. If only there was a way I can convince Mrs Lonebiker to make the move. What kind of drug would it take to convince her?

Wait a minute... Things are starting to get weird.

The honey kolsch made by Fernie takes after a German recipe so naturally the expectations are going to be high with this one. With Fernie brewing taking this one on. We know the expectations will be met. The pour gave a large three and three quartered fingered head that for being so big. Didn't last too long. That sexy lacing followed down the glass as we partook in this one.

The Kolsch tasted as expected. A refreshing one after doing some yard work. Oddly had a hard time finding the honey taste but it was there after a smattering of other tastes. Dried mango and a sweetened beer brought on from the honey I presume. Nothing to do back flips over and run to the store pushing old ladies over so you get there faster, it's still good though.

This beer gets 3.5 suds out of 5

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Das Endes Des Spaßes

A rather very unwelcome return to the riding on a day that should have had rewards of riding orgasms and unforeseen confetti falling from the air.

Falling three kilometres short of Lonebikers minimum eight which equals a non post. We are posting anyways as the riding content has been rather lacking. Driving into the trailhead today it would seem that Summer had made its return in a big way. Thinking as to when I left and mounds of fresh wet snow had discommoded everything, this was a nice respite from the wet white goo that had made it's presence in a rather large way.

When I pulled into the Hawerlak trailhead:

People were mowing the grass.
Runners in shorts were everywhere.
Large baby geese chased after their mothers.
Signs from a fresh rain was evident.
The smell of fresh grass being mowed was heavy in the air.

Meanwhile in my head, the thought process...

'I'm so tired, should I just go home and sleep?'
'Allergies are bad, this is not gonna be good.'
'Sad... I don't feel like riding right now.'
'What did you just think!?'
'Whats that thing on my gooch? That's new.'
'Just go, your here, ride your bike bitch.'

And so I went...

Not far into this one at all I knew I was done. The allergies were the biggest spoiler and things were blooming in the allergy department quite strongly. I had nothing to give to the bike. It was sadly the first dry singletrack of the year and I could not care less. I didn't eveen make it out past the island below End of the World and I turned around.


Things will get better. They only could.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Beer Friday. Beau's, Tom Green Beer

This is the Tom Green beer, it is my favourite beer, because it is my beer, it's the Tom Green beer. Ahh yes. Tom Green. Some say a monster. I say Canadian legend. The man who had a lesbian love scene painted on the hood of his Dad's car and named it "the Slut Mobile" and drove it to the crowded bus stop to show his Dad again after his Dad refused to drive it. I mean, who else has the balls to do that?

This was television in the late nineties (I believe) which no other t.v show could even be close to as it was so far out. I was on board from day one.

Now I think he is just touring around doing shows and living off his fame. Ahh that will be my life after I'm done with Lonebiker.... I literally hear crickets chirping and just realized they are for our pet frog.

How sad.

Beau's. Naturally located in Ottawa, the home of Tom Green and the mighty Senators who are battling in the playoffs (at the time of this writing.) The brewery started in two thousand and six. They are a family run brewery promising to stay organic and seem to be a big player in the Ottawa area. Here is hoping their hockey team is still going strong when this one is published. Cause more hockey played equals more beer drank in Canada. Am I right?

The pour which gave us a dark stout armed with a three fingered head that left slight traces of lacing on the glass as it went down represented well. A milk stout, unmentioned earlier and much fitting to Tom Green's legacy. I got a good shot of coffee and chocolate hit me at first, all with a proper presence of hops which told me these guys know what they are doing. No bitterness or anything harsh struck back whilst downing this one.

This beer gets 4 suds out of 5

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Friday, May 5, 2017

Beer Friday. Les Trois Mousquetaires, Hors Séries

Beer Friday, late week 2 of camp life. Only four more nights to go. Let's celebrate with a good brewery out of Quebec. Les Trois Mousquetaires located in Brossard, Quebec. A region that has been swallowed up by Montreal. Home of the Canadians. A team that if the Oilers didn't exist I would probably have a hankering for.

The brewery was founded in two thousand and four by three guys who worked at a tobacco factory that closed it's doors. They focus on using local products which makes them men amongst men in my eyes.

The beer style chosen; A Berliner Weisse is a cloudy white low alcohol beer that is supposed to be sour. So my defences are up a bit as the word sour is not one I'd choose when talking about the delightful experiences when one sips beer. Although a brewery such as this can be full of nothing but win win.

The pour gave a dirty golden beer which resembled everything a Berliner Weisse is supposed to be. A short lived two and a half fingered head hung around around just long enough to say "go ride your bike gay boy!" Well that was quite rude. Have you not seen the weather here as of late? The first sip gave me pretty good insight as to what a this style was all about. It was sour. The murky cloudy beer when brought up to your nose gave a hint of lemon and sea salt. Tastes of lemon sourdough bread. High on the carbonation with a sour tinge that hangs on to the palate.

Not for everyone.

This beer gets 3 suds out of 5.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Wednesday, May 3, 2017