Monday, October 23, 2017

Beer Friday. Rogue, Good Chit Pilsner

Once again writing this late on my last couple of days home and know it will be posted when I'm coming home. Yes it will be another two weeks of work, sleep, eat and work. A process that is hard to get into but once your in it things seem to flow fine.

Rogue, from Portland. Perhaps America's coolest city. Or douchiest depending on how you think of things I guess. Just do the world a favour. If you have a strong feeling about it (or generally anything) don't go straight to social media and voice your opinion and get offended when people disagree.

Well damn it.. I'm offended at myself for writing that.

Well thank God we have craft beer from Portland bitches!

Rogue has been on here several times and all have been winners. The original brewery started and I believe still resides in Newport, Oregon. Where in relation to Portland exactly is that? I'm too lazy to open another window and find out. That is how lazy people have become nowadays in the year 2017. Well.. How lazy I have become. Or maybe I just want to soak in the last bits of leisure before I leave?

The pour was great. a light straw coloured beer was birthed from the bottle into our testing glass. A two fingered head took it's place and soon was gone. It smelled of very light everything. I'm not joking, it was hard to put a definite point on things. Oh fuck, wait a minute... My nose is quite plugged. Ha! Whoops!

We tasted and it was very light and easy drinking.

It's crisp.

It's clean.

Damn it, it's refreshing!

Light unsalted Ritz crackers and light lemon round things out. A definite good pilsner!

This beer gets 4 suds out of 5.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Beer Friday. PC, Pilsner

Happy Friday chumps. How was your week? Was it real good? I hope you got lots accomplished sitting behind your cubicles or who knows, maybe you put out some fires, handed out some traffic tickets. Did you make a sweet new double-entry bookkeeping system at your accounting firm? Did some pretty sweet conducting down at the railroad? Fack! I'm jealous of that one!

Huh? What is it? Maybe you had the week off cause you work in the oilfield. Oooooh. I can relate to that one my friend.

Whatever it is. It should be capped off with a beer. Whether it's after work shower beers or barbecue beers Friday beers are pretty great.

Today's beer comes from President's Choice. A giant Canadian grocery store chain which I do believe does not exist in America but I could be wrong. They are known for low prices and have liquor stores at select locations with Costco like pricing without the douchy Costco type crowds.

Brewed by Big Rock in Calgary, their Pilsner is a top notch buy if you want to get something cheap. It does come warm so be forewarned. They don't have coolers in the store so they can have lower costs. How sweet is that eh?

We poured and it gave us exactly what we expected. A golden beer that had a small one and a half fingered head that dissipated quickly but yet a small army of bubbles remained up top. The first sip was as expected as well.A rather underwhealming sense of not really wanting to try hard with what seemed like old applesauce mixed with water. Lot's and lots of water. Nuff said.

Hey it's cheap.

This beer gets 1 sud out of 5.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Beer Friday. Fernie Brewing, Snow Drift Witbier

Alas, it is Friday and the beer review crowds have gathered for another session of doing another fine beer review. 'Crowds?' you ask. That's right, we now have a gallery put in the testing lab and for $490, you too can sit and watch a test go down live. Imagine being one of the only one who knows the results before anyone else as these are not posted the night of anymore!? You would be the envy of your friends and your family members would be beyond jealous.

Sadly though, beer review live testing does have it's drawbacks. First thing first, there is no eye contact allowed between me and the ones watching (interns included). When I am in the room it's pretty much eyes on the floor. Also the demand is so strong for tickets right now there is over a fifteen year wait. So we with you luck.

Fernie Brewing has been on here numerous times and has failed to disappoint. Fernie, British Columbia is an absolute epic bike mecca that must be visited. While there go visit the brewery and take a tour. It's the right thing to do when in Fernie.

We poured and the crowd was in utter disbelief at what they were seeing. A golden  cloudy wonderbeer splashed around the mug inducing tears of joy through the room. A two pinky fingered head showed itself and was soon gone, shy like the way a mouse runs through a lit hallway. It smells like the inside of peeled orange shells, and oddly enough. Drywall chalk. The first sip gave a light taste of unsoured lemon with green tea. The mouthfeel is light and easy which finishes dry.

We know Belgian White Ales aren't for everybody but Fernie really nailed it on the head with this one.

This beer gets 4 suds out of 5.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Final Day's for the Rocky?

After a short attempt at riding I realized sitting at the intersection where trails converge in Old Timers that the days of riding the Altitude are numbered. The bike feels slow, sluggish and sadly incompetent. It took this set of days off where not too many rides happened to realize this sad truth.

A number of factors took what would have been a regular ride into a very short trip.

*Leaving for the north soon is plaguing my mind. With that a slight case of depression hits accompanied by grumpiness.

*Texts from my widowed Mom who was sitting alone in a golf course restaurant asking if I (her only remaining son) wanted to join her. Yes, on Thanksgiving Sunday. Let the heartstrings be pulled at that thought for a moment...

* The bike felt like shit. That combined with a dropper post that is loose yet again. Yep, Rock Shox Reverb strikes yet again.

So all in all. Final ride of days off. Phttttttttppp...

the south end of mill creek (velodrome area) will be closed for a year, heads up kids. i believe you can
ride below on the multi  use but you will be sharing it with unleashed dogs, i'll be staying away.
not much for trails in the area anyway, i ride through cause i'm sad and nostalgic.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Granny Geared but Conquering

Ride of the year perhaps? A definite contender. Also a ride where I realized that my Rocky Mountain is sadly a bit useless. A bit... Not fully.

The ride from Kinseman where I went up the hills and rode Masters Degree with the most ease. A few slips and foot dabs due to the trail being a bit greasy from the moisture we had lately and it being late in the year. But the hardtail proved it's worth in a big way. I exited and soon found myself on six Shooter (aka Three Pistols for Gord) and made it up with a lot more promise than the other day.

Again... Bike?

Well it was no question I was heading to Selkirk Knights. After a rest atop the Equine centre I rode down 7-Up Hit Up and found myself at the bottom. Better than Machete kids? I'm starting to think so.

Selkirk was entered and the relentless climbing switchbacks were so much easier. It was a complete night and day difference from the other day. Now let it be known. When I say with 'ease' there was lot's of struggling. The granny ring was in charge of the mission almost the whole way.

The trail is quickly becoming one of my favourites. The ferocious nature of the non stop switchbacks heading west was becoming more addictive than heroin. As the trail flattens out you get happy but all for a minute as around the corner there is more climbing. It should upset you but it doesn't.

This trail gets into your riding soul like smoke gets into clothes.

After exiting I made it easy on myself and rode Flat Pete to the bridge and back via Logoramethic (or however the hell you type it.) The log trail? Meh. Not too great. Flat Pete remains the best trail in the Oliskew area.

The allure of Selkirk called my name again and I rode it back west for the first time. It was much easier heading east but still not an easy stroll. Granny gear took me back and I exited and scampered home.

potty break (off trail) with fort edmonton below

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Bald Tires, Shaky Legs, Greasy Trails, Let's ride Selkirk!

A ride from Hawerlak park where I backtracked to Emily Murphy and rode... Ahh crap. Whats the name of that trail again? I always think Tragically Hip song. Three Pistols? Is that it? Nope, Six Shooter. Thats the one, although Three Pistols would be a lot cooler cause you know... Tragically Hip.

It was a day of what Trail Forks labels black diamond trails. Which I kind think is lame as that is just ripping off ski hills and skiing. I find the whole mountain bike community uses the ski hill rating system so I guess it is what it is. But could we not have come up with our own rating system for trails? Hey, just my opinion and I am sure some got offended for me stating it. Well damn it. I'm sorry.

Machete was taken down to the lower valley where I stayed on the lower singletrack where the legs started acting up. I kept going as I know I will be up north looking back and wondering why I gave up.

Selkirk Knights was ridden for I believe the third time and it was just as bad as I remember. Not bad as in a terrible trail. It is quite awesome as it will chew you up and spit you out a shell of a mountain biker at the end. Non stop climbing on switchbacks which never end are the order of the day. This trail is incredible and I wish it was in my backyard and could ride it everyday. I suffered greatly today due to slippery trails and bad tires.

I crossed the river and hit Purgatory. Another trail fork black diamond. This trail looks like a newly refurbished trail from back in the day but I could be wrong. The slippery leaves and greasy trails were too much and I ended up quite grumpy. It was a bad experience. I will be back once it is dry but with several fallen trees it looked like somewhat of an unused trail. If you go, bring a small handsaw. I used to carry one but had to make room in an already overloaded camelback.

The ride ended mainly on paved where I limped back to the vehicle.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Post Horsepistol Quickie

Armed on hospital food I hit the paved trails of the river valley to try and get back some lost kilometres from this set of days home. The rides have been slow on here as a close family member on  my wife's side has been in the hospital longer than they should after surgery.

So time spent has been different than what would normally be.

Tonights ride, the first in the dark for the back half of two-seventeen took me from Mill Creek to the Parliament and down to cross the mighty new Walterdale going the other way. Ohhhh... Look who's living large kids!

The dark valley had all the usual spooky shadows and things that would make one fear to tread alone but damn it... I rode that bitch tonight. 'We won't mention the corner I came around and thought there was a lion on the side of the trail will we ?' my subconscious asks.

Oh you dope! You typed it out. Geez...

Here is hoping for a good one tomorrow. Thursday is a wash, maybe Friday too... Sorry kids.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Sunday, October 1, 2017

New Bridge, New Trail, Cool Windy Weather

A meet up with Mr Steeve's in Goldbar Park on a cold windy day that was supposed to bring rain and sleet. Luckily the wetness wasn't a factor although I showed up with the thought of wet weather riding in my head. I looked down sheepishly and asked if we were going to be riding singletrack. "Fuck ya! We be riding singletrack bitch!" Kent roared. I roared back " Let's ride multi use and paved!" immediately the sound of crickets filled the air.

Well, that isn't exactly how the first exchange went down. We agreed that Golddigger should be ridden and then it would be time to explore a new trail heading into Goldstick park.

Golddigger was ridden and it was fabulous as always, Lots of trail traffic greeted us in the beginning and occasionally throughout the trail. We hit the transition between Golddigger and the beginnings of Cambodia and rode the new singletrack heading into the Goldstick forest.

The new trail remains nameless as far as I know but I'm sure every bike club in Edmonton will be clammouring to name it. I would hope the ones who put in the sweat and hard work will be the first to name it and that the name sticks.

The builders did a great job of  working with the steep sharp hills and built a flowy trail that once is broken in will be a winner. There are short punchy climbs but they quickly flatten out and go down. A couple climbs were quite the challenge which will keep the weak away from this one.

The trail being so new was over loamy. Tires sunk in making things a bit miserable. So all who know about this trail should do their part and ride it and break it in before we get the snow.

The ride took us through multi use and Lower Ewok (river trail) until visited Edmonton's beach social media phenomenon.

We soon found the new Walterdale and crossed. We laughed, We cried, we even hugged at the end.

It was beautiful.

The ride ended as the rain started and it was decided to boot her home through the city.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Fort Mac Detox

 After being home for a couple days and no ride happening it finally happened which seemed like it was too late.

It was short but quite incredible.

A meet up with Gord as he was in the middle of a good one in Terwillegar.

The trails.

The trees.

The smell.

All a ten out of ten on the riding awesomeness richter scale.

This was only a short section of Gord's ride as he started in Kinseman (I believe.) and hit every trail, hard or easy in between. Where exactly did he go? You know.. I should really check Strava when it comes to these questions.

His best part of his ride was meeting yours truly. That right there is a guarantee. We met at the west end of Go trail and rode back. Gord had his new 29+ bike. A Trek Stache. A bike from what I heard can do pretty much anything except walk (or ride) on water.

I apologize for no pics. I was a bit out of it today as my mind was in shock from my body being in double shock from the overstimulation of the senses.

Firemans was ridden and we crossed and rode the famed unflowy Logarithmic and then Flat Pete. I was sadly done and we parted ways as Gord rode Purgatory. A new trail making itself famous on the bike circuit.

*Gord Brenner. From top pics #3,#4, #6