Tuesday, November 22, 2022

I'm Kinda serious About this Winter Bike Season Now

A real ride finally where I decided to try to break Winter in on a roll from Strathcona to Fort Saskatchewan. A ride I did back in June of this year and it was very memorable and can expect to see it in the top 5 or 3 rides of the year coming in January. 

This one wasn't as good as that last time but it was still a pretty good way to spend a late Tuesday afternoon knowing it is the last ride attempt before work… Ugh… I hate typing that. 

The trail from the home of the planned  newest foot bridge to Fort Saskatchewan was what I expected. It was quite pocket marked from foot and paw traffic in the snow and I was happy I had the nice stable fat bike as I did have the shitbike prepped and ready to go. I am pretty sure if I took the shitbike I would have not made it too Fort Saskatchewan.     

There were enough smooth parts on the trail to follow and getting out of the annoying bumps was nice. I saw only one person (that I knew of) walking his dog and a solemn nod by both of us was had as as I passed by. Was it because we both had good Winter beards that a connection was made? 

I took the long way back around the sinister looking government operation to extend the kilometres a bit. A good ride and I can count it as my first serious ride of the new season. The first five kilometres were a rough start though as I could not get motivated. 

I'll definitely be back. It will be super cool when the bridge is done and I can extend it on my quarry runs.                           


Sunday, November 20, 2022

I'm Really not Serious About this Winter Bike Season Yet

I couldn't even sway away from my vehicle and kept about a three kilometre buffer from me and the Jeep in case I wanted to abort the ride immediately. This is worse than last year and I feel as I get older I will resent winter more and more each year. 

The temperatures are definitely not the issue. It was a nice warm day and thoughts of taking the top off the Jeep ran through my head quickly but were quickly dismissed as it was still well below my +20 degree take off zone.

The ride started in Kinseman where I immediately hit the singletrack along the river and the ride had high hopes. Very low energy though had bad thoughts running through my head and I knew what kind of ride it was shaping up to be so I crossed the Walterdale and backtracked down River Valley road where Victoria Park was beckoning for me to come in and explore. 

 I explored Victoria Park for a bit and got bored and made the scary decision to sway further from the Jeep and climbed up Victoria drive with the High Level on the radar for a cross back to the safety of a motorized device to take my lazy fat ass home.

Yes I passed my girl Victoria of the famed Victorias Secret and did not care one bit. 

Saturday, November 19, 2022

The 907 Enters it's 8th Season

A local ride is not the way I would have wanted to start a new season of winter riding but the way things have been going here just getting on a ride is a bit of a miracle. 

The fat bike makes its Twenty Two-Twenty Three winter debut among the paths, streets and the dangerous parking lots of Beaumont Alberta. The ride happened after having to cancel the planned valley ride which would have probably been just as short but a bit more delightful. 

The bike is in fine shape and surprisingly the brakes did not need a bleed when I was 98 percent positive that would have been an issue. Will see how long that lasts.

A definite low on the incredible scale but still beats indoor trainers. 


Friday, November 18, 2022

Beer Friday. Vancouver Island Brewing, Hermannator Ice Block

This has been a very bad start to the day shift days off activities index with zero activity happening with zero excuses. Well yesterday I did feel quite sore and tired so it was a warranted day of slothfulness that I did enjoy. Today was a different story and now the beer review is kind of sadly the best part of the day. 

The best part is after my grumpy rant last week about basement and garage winter riders is these people probably put hundreds of kilometres to may zero in the last couple weeks. 

So there… You win.

Me ranting about people riding trainers is equivalent to the internet helmet police. Those are the ones always found in the comments telling somebody their photo has a helmet-less rider and with an authoritative tone of writing that person should be wearing a helmet and they are a burden to the health care system. It doesn't make sense to me as I doin't think the hospitals are overburdened with people with head injuries like they are overrun with respiratory illnesses.
I do enjoy my helmet though and it has saved my noggin a few times from losing even more brain cells from branch strikes and an unforgettable bad crash backwards and head first on the corner of a concrete block. 

If someone doesn't wear a helmet it doesn't really bug me. Although if I see or hear of you riding a basement trainer…. 

Meh, there are bigger things in life to worry about but don't worry I will definitely find petty things to bitch about as this is the Lonebiker.com. 

We poured this beauty from Vancouver Island Brewing (I feel I don't have to tell you where this beer is from) into our testing glass and this high alcohol monster gave an immediate dark and dirty feel to the testing lab. It was like someone put on Apocalypse Now and an unshaven and unshowered Danny Devito walked in and sat down.

I don't even know if that made sense? 

9.5% alcohol content in this bad boy and it showed a small half fingered head for a minute and was gone. A small smattering of bubbles have clung together on top for some time now. It smells of rich malt and like all the other dark beers has notes of chocolate coffee but it was the rich malt that I picked up on the most. It was quite tasty and yes malts were the top dog with dark chocolate and a slight tinge of coffee and heavier notes of toffee. All the tastes blended together quite well making for an enjoyable dark beer.

For a high alcohol beer it was deceiving so if you have these be careful cause Hermannator will get you. I am limiting myself to one…. well maybe two. They come in four packs and are probably very hard to find. I highly recommend though.

This beer gets 4.5 suds out of 5. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Beer Friday. Warka Strong

 I went into Edmonton today. I should have prefaced that with it snowed for about a week straight and then I went into town and I have never been so happy not to live in the middle of that mess they call a city. For a big winter city they were sure not ready for this. 

The unplowed roads causing traffic delays are signs of a poorly run city and the signs were everywhere today. No that my town isn't that much better I'll just sit here and sulk till I can ride a bike again. 

No rides till next Thursday or Friday now sadly. I am over this shitbag cold but work is looming unfortunately. The rides will be short most likely but they will be outside where one is supposed to be when riding a bike and not in a dungy basement or garage on a machine watching your avatar move on a laptop.

Oh no. He thinks he is better than people cause he doesn't have an indoor trainer!

Yes I do I guess. I did have a trainer years ago and the experience was quite crappy. Yes I know things are different now but I still don't care. Peloton, Whizza or whatever it is can all suck it. Oh I apologize, it's been a week plus a couple days of bedrest, baths and chicken noodle soup. I feel a bit enraged and sometimes its directed towards the dumbest things. 

Warka beer is from Poland with no reviews on here as of yet, the brewery was founded in 1478 and is still going strong today. 1478!? Holy sheep Shit that is crazy.

We poured this 6.3% dark beast into our tester glass and wondered why it wasn't that dark.. Well that is because I am an idiot and thought the bottle said 'dark' when it actually say's 'strong.'  A small head stayed around for a little while but had mostly dissipated by the time the photographer got their act together and took the shot. 

They were promptly fired.

This one has a different taste. A definite candidate for ones with the right palate as a very strong malt hopped flavour is predominant. It almost feels like this one sticks to you as you have it with some added notes of stale lemon toffee and dark coffee.

The malt is heavy so be warned. If you see it you have to get it cause this one is a classic baby. 

This beer gets 2.5 suds out of 5.

Happy Tuesday