Sunday, August 7, 2022

Night Off, Bike On

A rare night off in busy times called for an obvious bike ride.

Parked at the Old Timers Cabin, I had planned on heading west for a bit before turning around and heading back and riding by the Folk Fest and hitting the beloved Mill Creek but that never came to fruition. 

The singletrack was out of this world in the beginning and I think I expelled my energy in the first five minutes which ruined things in a sprightly matter. There I sat on my top tube like some sort of weird pervert at the base of Purple Haze with plans on riding up to ride Groat Road Rollercoaster (Lover lane (rolls eyes whilst typing that)) and looping around to see my old lady Victoria who resides at Victorias Secret. 

I sat there kids for five minutes contemplating…

I said to hell with it and rode the paved up Mackinnon and planned to ride the amaze that is Mackinnon singletrack back. A couple of homeless people started a trek back to their camp what looked like in the middle of the trail on Root Canal which prevented me from riding the start. I did contemplate riding by the old guy with a shopping cart trying to get over the roots in the beginning. He was clearly struggling and I am sure is still there trying to navigate up that lil hill with a few roots. I couldn't imagine him down the trail much further. It was fucked up.

I found a way back into Root Canal and between that and Backbreaker I was done. Sadly I rode the gnarly parts of Backbreaker and couldn't remember the cooler and gnarlier section that was once around. 

From there I rode pavement back. 

Shame me.

I did ride Old Timers to try and save face before back at the vehicle. 

Bikes Rule. Work sucks. Nights continue tomorrow. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

2:30 PM

Another last ditch effort to go for something descent but sadly Mrs Lonebiker had other plans that required me to be home around 3. In classic Lonebiker fashion I didn't make it to the trails till late resulting in a panicked and rushed effort  which sadly ruined things. 

The start was by End of the World and I wanted to just stick close and ride the local trails. A local rain started but it was nothing that would ruin anything so I stayed on the trails. 

A climb up to Farmers Daughter where I could not find the entrance to Farmers Daughter resulting in me checking the time and seeing it was already 2:30 and this ride was over. I had to head home. 

A detour through the university area and me trying to give directions to a guy in a mini van was the low light in a definite low light type of ride. 


Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Legless on the West Side

 Legless and listless on a Tuesday in Terwillegar. I had nothing to give and surprisingly made it farther than I thought once I knew I was in trouble which was almost immediate. Normally I can ride out of a slump which is what I tried to no avail. 

From the parking lot of the mighty Fort Edmonton I made it as far as the entrance to Daves Trail? Is that the one? From there I turned back

Trail conditions are quite good right now other than the shitty dead blind summer sight lines.

The Flat Petes were a perfect order today as they usually require minimal effort. I mean that as there is no climbing whatsoever and with the twists and turns its hard to go fast. No I am not bragging about how hard as fuck I think I am. I was genuinely happy there were no hills and when faced with hills as I got into Terwillegar I turned back. That doesn't sound very hard as fuck now does it. 

I was fat, lethargic and lazy and blame this on summer but was it this? <link.


Monday, August 1, 2022

Beer August. Kimchi Brewery, Hitachino Nest White Ale

Well would you look at that. It's Monday again and I have not done a Beer Friday yet as this set of days off slowly rumbles by. The stats for this one are really quite pathetic. One thirty kilometre bike ride primarily on straight roads with no curves and plenty of petroleum products being developed in the vicinity. 

Wait! There was a hill! 

I did ride the rough and tumble Fort Saskatchewan Eastside singletrack so I do have a little bit of deliverance right? Most people seem to avoid that side like it is full of Monkeypox or something. 

Still… No deliverance from a weak set of days off riding. I wish I could back that up with home projects being done but nope. I am just lazy. Is it the muggy weather? I have no drive to do anything which has been a problem. 

Well at least we have beer. 

Kiuchi Brewery located in Naka, Ibaraki, Prefecture Japan and yes I have no idea what part of the country that is from and that is ok. It's an obscure name. The brewery opened up in 1823 putting it's status up quite high along with the other old timer breweries. 

Well we poured this ancient Japanese beauty and it poured a dirty hazy golden yellow. A few sniffs we're had and it gave us a a slight fruity beer with citrus and malt. A very short one fingered head did not linger for long and soon resonated to some side lacing with a small concentration on one side of the glass. 

We tasted and were a bit delighted from the outcome. A tangy wheat taste with a smattering of citrus like tastes which I could only discern as possibly grapefruit? See how I put a question mark there because I have no idea. Amateur beer reviews kids. This has a great taste that gives you a slight summer feel. Or could it be that we right in the middle of summer so that's why  I probably typed that. 


Hey man, it was the citrus taste. 

Umm… what else? This witbier does not disappoint and our friends from the far Pacific have something going on here that is pretty good. It was an enjoyable beer that was up there with the rest of the greats.If it wasn't thunder and lightening outside I would be out enjoying the rest of this. 

This beer gets 4 suds out of 5. 

Saturday, July 30, 2022

Fort Saskatchewan and Beyond

Well damn.. it took me this long to get out on the bike and I am on the glorious day shift days off. This should be a travesty but I just used the hot weather as an excuse not to ride. Yes it's the hottest time of the year and it has not disappointed. No, it is nothing unusual here like what was going in in Europe but it is still too hot for my pathetic Canadian body. 

Give me cold air, give me a little bit of sleet and snow. Fuck ya.

Today the temperature wasn't so bad and I worried that the trails would be filled up with people and I was not wrong. Yes I showed up mid afternoon, the worst time to show up for anything as most people get going around this time. 

With no faith on the bridge construction being done I parked at the boat launch and headed eastward confident it would be quite there as most people head west.  I was wrong. Not one bike but people walking everywhere. With the poor summer sight lines and me refusing to take out the headphones I was a bit nervous at all the blind corners. 

I found the bridge and skirted through the construction area keeping an eye out for some sort of security that is never there. Signs of lots of traffic through the area made me wonder if they really cared if anyone was there. 

I found Turner Park and kept riding and would not stop and I even remarked to myself quite a few times,"just where the hell am I going?"

I eventually found the refinery area and the Dow chemical plant. I rode down the road and could not stop. I don't even know what I was searching for when suddenly I saw a train in the distance and I knew I had a destination. 

I turned around at the tracks and found a park that the oil companies and chemical plants made in order to look like they cared. I mean hey, it was noble. Well noble and a little pathetic. It was not too big and had a walking path to a lookout of a slew. A broken viewfinder greeted you at the lookout with the customary placards of local wildlife. 

Honestly, if they had fire pits it would be tempting to go with the family,  you would be the only ones there almost guaranteed.  The only bad thing is a possible ruptured line somewhere and me and my family slowly suffocate and die. The companies tried hard and that's what counts. Or was the county behind this? They even had rainbow coloured benches just so they can show the people that they are woke too. Soon there will be a sign at the entrance making sure users of the park greet each other with the proper pro nouns. God damnit, way to go guys!

I rode on after that on what seemed an endless stretch of road and soon the July air kicked in and I was done. I skipped the trails on the return and avoided the west side. Bummer.

i really got to step up on cooler destinations

strange set of tracks in the middle of nowhere that is all fenced off

i am really impatient over here


Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Breakout the Space Unicorn Socks for Beaumont

A sad way to end the week when the trails are all fine. I decided the space unicorn socks should be promptly worn in order to pick up a shit mood as work starts tomorrow.

The ride around town came down as time was squandered once again and I had to be home at a certain time to get ready for work. 

The highlight was riding by the driving range and having a couple balls land near me as I rode parallel with the road. I was pretty sure someone was shooting at me and I could not blame him one bit. I say him because no girl would do this. One ball even bounced along beside me on the road. Geez, I could not imagine their excitement when they saw they were getting close to hitting me. 


Night Off, Bike On

A rare night off in busy times called for an obvious bike ride. Parked at the Old Timers Cabin, I had planned on heading west for a bit befo...