Friday, July 1, 2022

Welcome July

Just another common wet weather ride so not a lot to say. I took a stab at a very quick singletrack route and felt it was too wet so rode paved the rest of the way. 

A Science park start with riding the valley and its suburban invaders up top. I tried to stay along the river and hit the Tawatinâ and started riding up into the city. I took streets trying to avoid the all too common LRT bike path route I make on rainy days. 

Pretty sub par ride and I was quite spent at the end. Day off tomorrow? 

Happy Canada Day kids. 

Thursday, June 30, 2022


With more wet trails in the forests of the great trails in the river valley I knew it would be a wet themed ride yet again. As I was leaving the house I made a quick game time decision to go to Leduc and see where their paved trails lead to. 

I will admit I showed up there with a heir of arrogance thinking Leduc will be worse than Beaumonts paved trail systems. I am not sure why I thought that but I have always had a weird hate on for Leduc. I am most certain it is a sad territorial thing being from Beaumont and having Leduc as our neighbours. 

Cause where you are from matters right and fuck everybody else who lives in neighbouring cities. 

People really are stupid. 

I started at the recreation centre after aborting at the entrance to Telford lake as the lot was quite full I was surprised at the amount of people at the trailhead. Well most people walk the boardwalk that spans out over the lake as I have with my family back in the day. 

 The paved trails led to a campground where I rode around in stunned silence seeing people unpacking their rv's about ten feet from the other guy unpacking their rv. I did find some more sheltered spots in the trees but it was insane as it seemed like most people were in the wide open areas with zero privacy. 

I found the trail around the lake again and made my way. It was nice being paved but felt the pavement took away from the nature and I think a double wide gravel, dirt trail would have been better. They had a number of garbage cans and lookout areas as well on the route complete with port-a -potties but I ain't no pussy and I peed in the trees. As I rode through the trails I mumbled to myself "my Dad would have really liked this place."

It did have a good outdoorsy feel despite the pavement. On the outer loop shops from local oilfield fab businesses could be seen in the distance encroaching on the land reminding you that you are in Leduc. 

I scooted west after and crossed under the infamous hwy 2 bridge and entered the Leduc Reservoir where an old Canadian T-33 (I believe) is mounted on a post. Once again, My Dad would have liked this… 

The paved took me on a much smaller loop around a smaller body of water. I  returned back via back alleys keeping myself away from Main Street before it becomes Main Street if you know what I mean you local Leduc people. 

Or maybe you have no idea what I am talking about cause this is all made up in my head. 

 Then it was old school Main Street taking me home in style making me kind of want to go burn down all the McDonald's and Wal Marts that litter every towns suburban areas killing every towns core. 

Mind you, Leduc's didn't seem to be hurting.

In the end. I was quite smitten with Leduc. The ride through the old neighbourhoods grew some charm for me.  

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

June in Berta

A somber final ride today as work looms once again. The main theme of the ride was the menacing clouds all around and my dumbass checking the radar on Environment Canada and declaring the clouds will all miss me. 

Just like the grammatical errors on here I am not a weather man or in any way shape or form, a writer. 

The ride started in Mill Creeks old school spot and I took nothing but paved as its been off and on rain for the month of June and it's Edmonton which means rain in the area almost daily. I did notice on Instagram that it looked like some of the trails were rideable but I never really bothered to enter any other than to ride up a bit to see the crazy ladies fence which was a big news item years ago. 

The fence was there with those somewhat douchy signs saying "Smile, You are on Camera." Yes there are cameras, trail cameras littered her yard which told me that she has a lot of people encroaching. She did anger a lot of people when she put up the fence so maybe the same angry people are still doing things to her fence? Or do we just drop all conclusions and blame the homeless? 

It is the white thing to do right? 

And I strongly disagree with people doing things to her property if it is happening out of spite. In the end it is her property.

Slight raindrops started as I rode up to Concordia. It eventually started to rain quite hard so after taking shelter below a tree (video below) I rode up to the residential where hail, sideways rain and fork lightening entered the ride. It was quite madness for a bit as cars wouldn't even drive down the road. I took the middle of the road looking for an open shelter somewhere but there was nothing. 

It eventually blew over and just resorted to rain. I was glad as the hail really hurt to ride through. They were very small pellets so yes I am that big of a pussy The streets were all flooded even along Jasper so things were a tad sketchy. I quickly got off on the side streets and decided to get back to the valley as soon as possible.

It was a good decision. The plan was streets back after Concordia climb out but that rain man… That rain..


Tuesday, June 21, 2022

That's Not How You Spend Solstice!

A local ride so not much of write up. Work looms already tomorrow for training so I am hoping a ride can be sneaked in after.

The bike is fresh from Kent's workshop where I have never had the bike in what seemed like pristine new condition. Besides the scratched and worn out stickers. The bike ran top notch so a huge shout out his way. His instagram handle @Kentsteeves. 

A new helmet courtesy of Fathers day was worn for the first time and it got high marks.It is a Bontrager Rage? Not quite sure but has the wave cell technology which was really cool. The helmet seemed like it was glued to my head.

oh you cleaned up sexy bitch you!

the new protection, can see lacing through the vents. most comfortable helmet so far

this town does have its cool spots

this looked so promising… 

Info on Wavecell helmets. click me

Saturday, June 18, 2022

Streets a Plentiful

A wet June had us off the trails and on the streets for a ride from Terwillegar One (that's Kent's place which I had just named) which had lots of side streets and back alleys featured on our way to Whyte ave area where I had suckered Kents fine lady into getting some free ice cream.

The company was top notch as always. The bikes were top notch fun as always. 

Possible new pizza spots were discovered so in the end the ride was a genuine win. 

Sorry but short write up and lack of pics. I blame fatigue. The interns blame laziness. 


Friday, June 17, 2022

Beer Friday. Miller High Life

 Back to one of the bigger North American breweries for this week after a long stretch of micro breweries with the odd old as dirt European beer making an appearance. This company is not stepping back when it comes to being old and distinguished. It was 1855 when Frederick Miller opened up Miller after moving to America from Germany which makes this one legendary. 

Miller High Life is the proclaimed champagne of beers and with a higher than normal level of carbonation and somewhat clear colour we can see how it got this nickname. High Life had some great commercials back in the day. I am not too sure if they are still doing commercials but it was always about the blue collared person looking like the hero. Now as a guy that just finished an 85 hour work week on nights building mining truck boxes I say Hell ya Miller High Life! Hell ya!

The pour showed a light beer that was an off golden and off clear colour if that makes sense. It was a grainy aroma that oddly smelled watered down. Was this a sign of things to come? Oh lord I hope not cause my blue collared veins are boiling with excitement after watching some commercials. A small one half fingered head lingered for a while. We poured for the review but I think this one is best drunk out if the bottle.

It dies have a skunk like taste to it but is backed up with hidden flavours that add a small level of sweetness to the sips.  Do I want to say sweet corn? It does have a corn like flow to the mix as well. There is that watered down tone to it so my nose was right! It is a nice easy drinking beer that that washes over the palate and down your throat helping you relax after a rough day in the cubicle. 

This beer gets 3.5 suds out of 5. 

Welcome July

Just another common wet weather ride so not a lot to say. I took a stab at a very quick singletrack route and felt it was too wet so rode pa...