Tuesday, January 18, 2022

To the Golf Course

With days off rides not going as planned it was a very short scamper in the cold where I rode local and made it to the local golf course and decided my feet were starting to freeze so I turned back. 

The weather has been quite poor with rain almost all day yesterday making things quite treacherous on the roads which is why I stayed away from driving into town to ride the oh so glorious valley. The ride was quite lame and I was happy when it was over but still beat sitting on the couch.. but just barely. 

Had more pictures but the iPhone failed me. I am sorry for the lame ride, write up and lack of photos. You would think that with a title like 'To the Golf Course' there might be a picture of maybe a golf course but again. My iPhone failed me. 

The lights seem fine but the battery did drop quickly. I assume the cold weather is responsible. The light is very white and seems gentle, an odd thing to say but that is what it is like for me. With street lights and houses all around it was hard to gauge the light, valley darkness would have been so much better. 

the new light, bontrager ion comp r


Sunday, January 16, 2022

Capilano and Westward

Same start as Friday and I looked westward when I started rolling on my gloriously ridiculous big tires. The parking lot in Capilano is quite dense with loose warm gross snow and the fun of having a fat bike just there was enough to make me smile. I should have just stayed there the whole ride but you know... Trails.

So naturally I avoided the trails and rode up the paved all in an effort to warm up a bit better. The climb up gave me a sense of panic as per usual as the heart rate peaked, I swear this is how I am going down one day as I have some sort of massive heart issue climbing in the beginning of a ride. A small group of judgy Karens will find my lifeless body sprawled out over the trail, helmet ripped off and jacket half unzipped as I was trying to fight for my last breath.

Oh shit, this just got real dark didn't it?

Yes I rode paved till the Capilano bridge taking the big loop around. I crossed and found singletrack in a trip upwards on Low Class and Higher Education. Guys... I am talking about some real amazing and under hyped trails right in the middle of the valley. Seriously fun top notch trails to get you up the valley. yes, you can ride them the other way too but the climbs on these trails are too good and track well in the Winter too. I am sure going down is top notch too.

Snakeback took me down and the Dawson park trails took me past the beautiful Dawson bridge where I hummed and hawed about crossing but chose to head up to Tawatinâ instead. Once I arrived there the crowds from all the people checking out the new bridge almost made me divert to the Low level but I crossed slowly and retuned on Birdhouse Trail and up to mid Ewok via the Holy Trail. 

Mid Ewok was amazing and for the first time on the ride not one person was seen. It was busy but not covid busy making me a bit hopeful that people had discovered malls again and will stay away from the valley. 

I kept it low avoiding Andre's and all the fun up above as I was fearing heavy crowds. 

I entered the Capilano region again from riding Risky Business and getting quite annoyed at all the fat bike ruts. Sideline was the last of the fun and again... another underrated trail with some super fun sidehill riding action. You seriously cannot beat this for fun. 

A top notch ride.

more good from the opening of tawatinâ, ye old parking lot is open again

Friday, January 14, 2022

Capilano and Eastward

A good ride from the very quiet Capilano parking lot through a rather quiet valley heading east through Gold Digger and then Hustler (aka the porn rag trail). Riding Gold Digger first thing after a week of work was a bit of a shock to the system and I had to take some mini breaks. The snow was fine and I navigated somewhat narrow trails and fought my way up the hills with vigour and determination that was lost quickly on Hustler as it would seem quite a few people sway from Hustler after riding the Gold trail. 

The climbs on Hustler did not come with the same vigour I had on Gold Digger and I ended up walking lots of them. The snow was ok on the west side of the trail but soon after I crossed the ravine things were a bit dicier. It was all rideable but the hikers had outnumbered the cyclists quite a bit and the result was a pocket marked trail which was a bit bumpy. 

I did want to explore the multi use and cross country ski trails of Goldstick park so I rode away from the trail where Hustler turns around at the bridge and rode to the end and top of the ravine where it dipped back into the trees looking very inviting with the exception of some utter fucktards most likely in pick up trucks who had driven on the trail down into the ravine and turned around at a bridge. The trail was quite ruined in several areas so some douche could out 'big dick' his Ram driving friend in his F-150.

I rode the east side of Hustler and soon found the Ainsworth Dyer bridge and decided to get some kilometres in so I rode to the ski hill. 

it was all uneventful with the exception of some glare ice patches which were handled by my tires quite well much to the astonishment of some onlookers. I guess some people have not seen winter bikes before. 

I decided to take Gold Digger back after my loop to the Sunridge ski hill parking lot and back and it was a lot more fun coming back than going in. Moon Raker finished the ride and I was back at the parking lot. 

The valley was surprisingly quiet for a decent day, was it the rain yesterday that scared em off?

In the end, things were fine and not slippery on most trails and paved paths. 

when dumb people have dumb ideas and fuck stuff up for everybody else

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Beer Friday. Whistler brewing, Winter Dunkel

 It's quarter to seven in the evening here in Beaumont and it just finally stopped raining, in short. I don't want to be grumpy, I really don't want to bitch and moan about the weather over here just like those whiny freaks over there on that Facebook thing but I mean come on... 

It rained all day here and I threw the wrench in on the planned ride. This was supposed to be the week of the Lonebiker with a ride going every day on this precious set of days off and already due to the shit whether my plans are not coming to fruition. Going out in the rain today and getting wet was low on the list of priorities on a warm January day. It is just hovering at the freezing level outside which compared to how cold it was here over New Years it now feels like we are in the tropics. I would gladly take -40 and no rain. 

Whistler Brewing comes from you guessed it! Whistler, British Columbia. This brewery has been on here previously and we are bringing their Winter Dunkel seasonal Winter beer at you. The pouring crew is ready so let's hit it!

The pour gave us a dark beer just like a cola, a good two and a three quartered fingered head stood atop. A very distinct smell reminding me of those chocolate oranges that you break and eat like an orange. I could only assume it will have the same flavour too. A heavy smell of malts mixed in with the orange and chocolate makes this one of the most distinct smelling beers I think we have ever had. 

The first few sips were a bit hard to take, not going to lie as it was a very strong taste to this one. A lot of specialty beers do not have this much coming at you at once. It is definitely one of those chocolate orange tastes which after looking up they are Terry's Chocolate Oranges. This is most likely one of the most unique beers I have ever had but sadly it isn't my taste amongst the orange and chocolate I am getting a dark malt flavour with hazelnuts. 

If you love those chocolate oranges than find this beer. it might make one quite happy. Otherwise...

This beer gets 2 suds out of 5. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Best Rides of Twenty One

The years have been changing, the brethren rides have definitely declined dramatically from a few years or so ago and not one meet up with Jason happened in twenty one. Yes I have been a known recluse. Night shift recovery has also been a big factor and have found things have been getting worse the further in I go with this job. The stats from last year showed I was down again from the year prior with 68 rides totalling 1141kms with an elevation gain of 11,755 metres. I remember seeing 1500km ridden a few years ago which set off alarm bells to no avail apparently. I did lose the entire month of August and the end of July to work so that didn't help the overall kms count.  Ugh... Stupid work, putting food on the table and paying the bills.

So here they are.  The winners from twenty-one.  From number 5 to number 1. 

#5 Unicorn Socks for the Altitude

Click Here First ride of the season and one of the last on this bike  most likely. Heavy amounts of people on the trails made things a tad annoying. Luckily most of them don't venture onto the singletrack. I remember feeling like I would lose energy quickly but kept going and going even taking on and conquering hard climbs. I ruled and so did the Altitude that day. 

#4 Ride Yellow

Click here The ride where I suggested that switchbacks are the Ghandi of mountain biking and looking back I think I was onto something there.The extension off of Mackinnons super fun singletrack Was ridden. Money Shot was the only damper of the ride. 

#3 A Kent Meet

Click Here Is September the best month of the year or is it  October? Damn... That is a really hard question. I mean October rules but September is quite incredible. This was a Kent meet and one of a few of the year and it was incredible. Every day should be spent like this. 

#2 "Well I Guess I'll Finish on Selkirk Knights"

Click Here Late April and May have that incredible return to life feelings after the Winters we have here. My computer says it is currently -28 with a -36 wind chill as per Environment Canada. So those months can be argued about being the best and some amazing rides have come out of them. This one had two of the best things, cold weather and an empty valley. Heaven. Everything flowed incredibly well on one of the best rides of the year. This was just a couple days off #5's Altitude Unicorn sock ride. What a week!

#1 The Perfect Storm

Click Here Absolute amaze all around in January on a beautiful ride into the night. Riding the ice blocks alongside the river in the falling darkness were some surreal moments for sure I will never forget. God bless you bike Gods for moments like these. Yes I was grumpy again but shirtless dudes... I mean come on! it was January. 

Monday, January 10, 2022

Worst Rides of 21

Here they are... The losers in order from five to number one. 

#5 No Explanation Needed, I'm Just Lazy

Link Here These Wednesday last day off rides could be the main theme here. Especially the ones transitioning to days. Uninspired with absolute no desire? Yes and this was the end result. I think climbing that hill in the top picture was a great accomplishment for the day. 

#4 Reserved For Top 5 Worst Rides of 21

Link Here Just nothing to give on a very overly busy day in the valley. I mean stupid busy all thanks to Covid and people being scared to go to malls or Costco. I also see I have very little respect for humanity which ultimately makes me look like a dickhead. I blame the frustration of the covid thing which turned the forests into malls on nice days. 

#3 Sugar Snow Blues

Click Here More of a recent one and a time that I was not ready for Winter, as always I am grumpy again. I assume cause I am in kind of a fowl mood from the crap ride, usually when these are written up. Interested too see how grumpy I am in top 5 rides...Too think of how tame Winter was then compared to now (the time of writing). sigh... 

#2 Common Spins

Click Here Knowing you are missing something big usually is a good ride killer. I was positive my phone was in the Jeep but there was always that chance it is sitting outside somewhere. Plus night shift recovery was killing me, not cool and all too common. Oh hey! Maybe that's why I'm grumpy!

#1 The Walk of Shame

Click Here Humanity galore on a sweaty gross day in the middle of a never-ending pandemic. The topper was having a flat tire and no backup tube and walking back. Yes, there is grumpiness galore! But I mean... It was warranted. Right? The walk back was terrible.

Friday, January 7, 2022

Beer of the Year 21. Fernie Brewing, Black Mammoth Winter Ale

Click Here  It was the first beer off the year reviewed the first of January of 21! Imagine that?  and it held it's head up the whole year knowing it was going to be the champion. This is a seasonal ale that Fernie brewing brings out so have a look at a fine beer store cause right now its full blown Winter.

To the Golf Course

With days off rides not going as planned it was a very short scamper in the cold where I rode local and made it to the local golf course and...