Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bike Lust . Rocky Mountain Vertex

Rocky Mountain Bicycles is where my passion for riding began . On a family trip to Jasper I saw a bike in a shop called Freewheel cycle and something inside me ignited . Yes I`ll admit at the time I just wanted one to show it off , ya know ride around the neighbourhood and hope people look at my nice bike . Yes I was known at the time as "poser material". Within a month of owning my Rocky Mountain Altitude I had discovered the trails in the river valley and a serious passion was born ! Yes these bikes wern`t just for showing off , they performed ! I bought a newer altitude a few years later and loved it even more (the frame now sits in my den) . Although Rocky Mountain is vastly different than the company it once was , I will always have a place in my heart for them .

Enough with the cheese already ! The Vertex is one of the ultimate cross country race weapons with very proven geometry . Nowdays most are sold as carbon frames which is sweeeeet for vibration dampening when ripping down gnarly singletrack . Like most big bike companies the Vertex is available in a few models to help satisfy everyones budget . The one in the photos is their highest end model thus it is expensive .

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