Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hunting vs Biking . Part 1

seriously ! it doesnt get better than this ..........................

As alot of you know I work in a shop in Nisku Alberta , land of truck nuts , strippers , oversized 4wds , Ufc pandemonium , wwe pandemonium , hockey fights , bar fights , fist fights , neon vs mustang drag racing , big truck parking lot burnouts , extreme over the top machoism , hardcore potty mouth swearing .........................HEY ! kinda like my last post ! and of course hunters . I ask , where do I fit in ? I`m just a lonely biker (see what I did there , that`s my website..........clever huh) First off , not everybody who works in Nisku is a complete white trash Jackass , most of the guys (and gals) are great people , so need not be offended .

Anyways , it is easy to say that I don`t fit in all , in the 13 years I have worked in this industry I only met a small .............I mean small handfull of mountain bikers . Riding bikes is very misunderstood from most of the guys I talked too (yes even the good ones) . In my shop there are a few hunters who do nothing but talk about hunting all fucking day (oops , sorry about all the swearing lately, I`m just frustrated , ya know Christmas .......see below) At breaktime all I hear is trail camera talk , what colour of camo to get , how to bring down a mule deer . You get the idea . Boring ass stuff for a poor guy like me . Over the years I`ve had to put up with guys making fun of me for mountain biking , "how come you don`t have a motor on that silly thing ?" is something I hear from different guys annually , or "why is that shit so expensive , it`s just a toy ?" heard that a few times , "you actually go out in public in those tights ?" well , that one I kind of understand .

sit still and be vewy vewy quiet

I am starting to think that I may be missing something , maybe I should be out sitting in a tree rather than flying through them , maybe I should be gutting a deer rather than railing some sweet singletrack . So you know what ? I`m going to examine each sport (well , mines a sport) and decide once and for all which is better ? Shooting at animals , or being chased by them ? is going to do some in depth investigating in a 4 part series . How awesome is that ?

do these guys have the right idea ? ..............stay tuned

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